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Looking for a way to formalize pet ownership? If yes, you have come to the right corner of the internet. This article provides different examples of official and not-so-official birth certificate templates that you can use for your pets. And yes, it does not matter if you have a pet dog, cat, turtle, or spider since this article will cover almost all kinds of pet birth certificate templates.

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What is a Pet Birth Certificate?

A birth certificate is a document that attests to an individual’s emergence as a person and as something different and apart from its mother or parent’s body. In humans, a sample birth certificate will include information like full name of the child, the name of its parents, the date of birth, the place of birth, and the method of delivery.

In the same vein, a pet birthday certificate functions in a similar way, only it pertains to animals or pets. Whereas a human’s birth certificate can act as proof or documentation as to his or her lineage and family, a pet’s birth certificate may also present familial lineage information but it may not be as clear.

Official pet birth certificates are usually required when pets (and other animals) are transported to different countries. This is done as part of border control and to ensure that illegal trafficking of endangered and prohibited animals does not occur. In some cases, pet birth certificates may also be created to keep track of animals that are legally sold as pets. In these cases, a pet birth certificate can also be used as a proof of ownership. you may also see Animal Birth Certificate Template

Whether you need a pet birth certificate for official or un-official reasons, we have prepared different downloadable examples of pet birth certificates in this article along with a few tips on how to create and choose your own pet birth certificate.

Air Travel Pet Veterinary Birth Certificate Template Airline Certificate



Blank Female Dog Birth Adoption Certificate Template



Blank Pet Adoption and Birth Certificate Template


Dog Birth License Certificate Template



How to Create Pet Birth Certificates

The easiest way to create a pet birth certificate is to use a pre-made printable template. This way you do not have to think of all the pieces of information that should be added and how to format it correctly. All these elements will be taken cared of by the original template creator. As the template’s end-user, all you have to do is add your pet’s personal information and print out the template when done.

1. Emphasize Important Pieces of Information

When creating or drafting a pet birth certificate template, you should make sure that the most important pieces of information or details about your pet are visibly and clearly written on the form. To illustrate, most birth certificates will have the pet’s name and breed listed or emphasized on the birth certificate.

Doing this will allow easy reading or perusing of the printed form – an important feature that can be found even in official human birth certificates. Other pieces of information that should be emphasized or highlighted on a pet birth certificate is the form’s name. So if you are creating a pet birth certificate, you should make sure that your certificate will have a header indicating that it is a pet’s birth certificate. You may also see dog birth certificate template.

2. Add a Department or Business Logo on the Letterhead

If you are creating a standardized birth certificate form for your organization or pet shop, you should make sure that your entity’s name or logo design is clearly indicated on the birth certificate’s header. By doing this, you are lending credibility to the birth certificate and the circumstances of the pet’s birth itself.

This practice is not only done on pet birth certificates. When you look at official birth certificates issued by governments, these birth forms will contain the name and, sometimes, the logo of the government body issuing the birth certificate too. So if you want your pet birth certificate to be credible and formal, you should follow this certificate formatting tip too.

3. Do Not Forget To Add the Signatures of the Pet Shop Head or Pet Owner

Always remember that official pet birth certificates may also be used as a proof of ownership. And to further assert this ownership, any pet birth certificate that you create should include a portion of the names and/or signatures of the pet’s owner. And if an animal does not have an owner yet, the name and signature of the pet shop’s or the entity that took care of the pet’s birth may be used on the pet birth certificate instead. You may also see funny certificate templates.

4. Make Sure That You Can Reuse The Template

If you are working for a pet clinic, an animal shop, or for the animal husbandry department of the government and you are tasked with creating a pet birth certificate, it only makes sense to make sure that the birth certificate templates you develop are in a reusable format. This is to make sure that your basic birth certificate templates can be reused by anyone who wants the birth of their pets documented.

One way to make sure this is done is by creating and storing your birth certificate template in industry standard formats as DOC or PDF files. By doing this, you are also making it easier for other people to use and edit the birth certificate template themselves.

So those are the most important things to remember when creating your own pet birth certificate template. Also, remember that you may use any of the certificate template files in this article and pattern your own pet birth certificate from them. For more examples of downloadable sample birth certificate templates, check out the rest of our website.

Kitten Birth Certificate Template


Male Dog Birth Adoption Certificate Template



Minimal Pet Birth Certificate Template


Puppy Birth Certificate Template


Why Use Pet Birth Certificate Templates?

Creating pet birth certificates from scratch can be a long and tedious process. That is why using birth certificate templates can be such a welcome alternative. Listed below are various reasons and advantages for using these pre-made pet birth certificate templates. Read them so that you can be further convinced on why you should use a pre-made certificate of birth templates.

1. They are free of charge

Most of the pre-made birth certificate templates included in this article are available free of charge. This means that you can download them and use them for whatever purpose without having to pay for the template. This can be a cost-efficient alternative especially if you are still on the certificate drafting process and you do not want to needlessly spend money for a pre-made template. You may also see creative certificate design templates.

2. They are easy to edit

Another good reason for using pre-made birth certificate templates is the ease with which they can be edited. In most cases, you will just need to change and/or add the name of your pet and the circumstances of the pet’s birth. Also, most of these downloadable sample birthday certificate templates are available as DOC or PDF templates and will be relatively easy to edit as long as you have either Microsoft Word of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

3. They already contain complete information need for a pet’s birth

As we have mentioned earlier, birth certificate templates will often already have all the necessary information needed for a pet birth certificate. In fact, some of the sample pet birth certificate templates found in this article are created by government institutions specializing in animal care. So if you intend to pattern your own pet store or veterinary shop’s pet birth certificate template from them, you do not have to worry much about the details that you need to add on the birth certificate.

4. They are ready to print

Another advantage of using pre-made pet birth certificate templates is that most of these templates are ready to print. If you are the pet owner, you do not need to format the template and edit the template yourself. All you have to do is add your pet’s name and other important birth details like the date and place of birth. After that, you can already print out the pet birth certificate. This is especially useful if you are on a deadline and would need to submit or file a pet birth certificate as soon as possible.

Those are the top benefits of using pre-made pet birth certificate templates. We hope that these convinced you enough to finally create your own pet birth certificate using these printable pet templates.

Quality Pet Birth Certificate Template


Simple Puppy Birth Certificate Template


Are You Now Ready To Create Your Own Pet Birth Certificate?

We hope that you have gained useful pieces of information when it comes to creating pet birth certificates and using pre-made templates to make them. Incorporate this knowledge in your certificate-making process and you will surely be on your way into creating the best pet birth certificate for your own pet/s. For more tips on how to create a birth certificate, check out the linked article.

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