Certificates make for great awards and are fairly quick to put together too. And if you need easily editable samples for your design process, feel free to use our professional Certificate Templates. These samples are especially useful for Windows users, as they’re compatible with Microsoft Word. Don’t delay and download now—create a certificate for employee attendance, training completion, and more!

How to Create a Certificate in MS Word

What is the easiest way to make a certificate quickly? Of course to fall back on MS Word. Do you not know how? Well, we prepared an outline for the process you need to execute in creating your personalized gift certificate.

1. Know the Purpose

Before constructing your certificates (or gift cards), brainstorm as to what would be the sole purpose of your gift certificate. For reference, you can determine as to what would be the best theme for the current season. For example, if December is approaching, of course, people would think about Christmas gift ideas. To consider your business from those ideas, make a Christmas gift certificate that would fit for people looking for gift ideas.

2. Outline the Content

After knowing the purpose, you can now proceed with your content. Without a clear and concise content, your modern gift certificate would be useless and would likely to be thrown in the bin. In the content, you must indicate the monetary amount equivalent to that certain gift certificate. Also, include your business' name, location, and contact details for future reference like bookings, reservations, and more.

3. Layout the Design

After your purpose and content, you can now freely design your certificate. In this step, you can also insert designs you want to encapsulate to your gift certificate. E.g., in a restaurant gift certificate, you can indicate the restaurants' color scheme, images related to a restaurant, and many more. But remember, you cannot bombard your certificate with designs as it may look unclean and disoriented. Keep it eyecatching and yet consistent.

4. Launch your MS Word

After everything, now is the time to use your Microsoft Word as your gift certificate maker. Why Microsoft Word? They let you format text easily, can save and print documents (such as certificates, vouchers, and more), and has collaboration features. It is accessible and editable in any device any time and anywhere in any Microsoft Word version.

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