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2 Best HTML Color Charts

Creating a website and other tools that need HTML is truly something that is both interesting and difficult. A part of assuring that the design of the website will look as how it should be is the knowledge of the color codes used in HTML. It is very important to not just know the color that you want to apply for a specific design but to also be aware of the color code that is assigned to it.

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Other than our HTML color code chart, there are also other samples of different Color Chart that you may be interested to look at.

HTML Color Code Chart

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HTML Color Cheat Chart

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The Hex Color Codes

Speaking of hex codes used for colors, they are three-byte hexadecimal numbers, which consist of six digits. They are a mix of symbols including letters and numbers, which entails the composition of a specific color through the following:

  • The bytes included in a specific hex color code represent the color components of red, green, and blue, which may be adjusted through the use of other different codes to get the correct shade of color needed for a specific design.
  • A hexadecimal notation is also included in a hex code where in a byte is represented by a number from 00 to FF. If these hexadecimal notation ranges will be used in decimal notation, it will be translated to 0 to 255 where adjustments will provide the exact color needed by the programmer or anyone who is using the code.

Hex color code are used not only in HTML but also in CSS and other computing applications. The main purpose of these hex codes is to assure that the proper color shade is used for the design where it is needed to be applied.

Other than our html color codes, you may also be interested to browse through our Pantone Color Chart Template and use it as a reference for the different kinds of pantone colors.


The Color Codes

In html, the color codes are the name of the colors as how we know them. As normal as it may seem, color codes are very important to be known because of the following:

  • There are variations of different colors and people need to be aware of them.
  • The shade applied to a specific color can actually change its color appearance.
  • Darkness of colors may also change the overall visual of the color hence making it to another palette.

Importance of Knowing the HTML Color Codes

It is truly important to know specific color codes as a single color can actually have many shades and types. As an example, applying red as the code just turn the design color to the usual shade of red that we know. However, if you want other shades of red, you can actually use the hex codes for the color of tomato, dark red, maroon, and other shades of red that you want to incorporate in your design.

Always be reminded that a single error on letter, attribute, or number can actually make a code not function or produce a different result. If you saw the design of your output and the color on different areas are of concern, it will be easy for you to tweak the codes that you have used if you are knowledgeable of the color codes. Other than our html color code samples, you may also download our Sample Color Chart Template.

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