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Letters and cover letters have numerous types depending on where it is used and what is its purpose. These documents can be used to formally address certain people in an organization, raise a concern regarding certain matters, or for job application purposes.  letters-and-cover-letter

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Letter and Cover Letter Definition & Meaning

Letters and cover letters are forms of documents that are formally written to address certain people, which comes in different formats depending on the purpose. 

It can also be a document used by job seekers to formally address the company they are applying for.

What Is a Letter and Cover Letter?

Letters and cover letters are types of documents that can be formal or informal and are written to address certain people. Depending on the purpose, they can be written in different ways. Cover letters are formal business letters that are often the first impressions of a company’s hiring manager and it is usually written to support a job application by highlighting the qualifications and credentials.

10 Types of Letters and Cover Letters

Construction Letter and Cover Letter

Construction letters and cover letters are types of letters that are used in the construction industry. It can be used to formally address or request construction supplies for certain projects. A construction letter is often sent from the employer to the contractor to let them know what work is going to be done.


Corporate Letter and Cover Letter

Corporate letters and cover letters are types of letters that are used in organizations or businesses to address certain topics. These types of letters can be used in business correspondence between customers, workers, shareholders, and other people. Corporate letters come in different contents depending on the purpose.


Church Letter and Cover Letter

Church letters and cover letters are types of letters that are used for religious purposes. These types of letters are the best ways to keep religious communities informed about all that all the activities in the church. This also comes in different purposes such as donations, updates, and others.


Client Letter and Cover Letter

Client letters and cover letters are types of letters that are used by businesses to keep a good relationship with their customers. A client letter can be sent for engagement purposes such as providing information about the business’s new product and service offers or explaining the conditions of a customer’s purchase. Different companies utilize client letters for a variety of reasons to keep in touch with their customers.


Company Letter and Cover Letter

Company letters and cover letters are types of letters that are used by companies to address their employees formally. These types of letters should be written formally with a professional tone. Most forms of company letter writing include a complete header, a salutation, a body, and a formal closing.


Complaint Letter and Cover Letter

Complaint letters and cover letters are types of letters that are commonly used to raise a concern regarding a certain matter. When a person is unhappy with a service or has a problem that needs to be solved, they send these letters to the authorities to address their concerns. People usually write this letter when they have a bad experience with a service provider. 


Donation Letter and Cover Letter

Donation letters and cover letters are types of letters that are used by charity organizations to address potential donors. This is a straightforward mail that is sent to supporters in order to seek donations or develop donors. Donation letters are usually used by nonprofit organizations to start fundraising activities. 


Executive Letter and Cover Letter

An executive letter and cover letter is a type of letter that is used to address a company’s CEO or administrator to discuss certain agendas. These types of letters need to be formally written with a professional tone. It is a letter that is commonly used to send information to the company’s executive officers.


Experience Letter and Cover Letter

An experience letter and cover letter, more simply known as a cover letter, is a type of letter that is used to support your job application documents. It is commonly used by job seekers in applying for their selected company. An experience letter is addressed to the company’s hiring manager.


Financial Letter and Cover Letter

A financial letter and cover letter is a type of letter that is used to discuss financial matters. It is a fixed-income asset issued by financial organizations for the purpose of securing long capital and, in exchange, providing investors with more favorable returns and the inability to redeem early. This is commonly used by organizations such as banks and others.


Letters and Cover Letter Uses, Purpose, Importance

Letters and cover letters come in formal and informal papers written for a variety of purposes. It can be used to formally address or request individuals within an organization, as well as to submit a job application by the use of a cover letter. 

It informs people

Letters can help inform individuals or groups with regard to different topics may they be in an organization or not. It can help bring information, news, and greetings to certain people. Letters and cover letters can also help inform people about different matters to discuss.

It addresses an issue or topic

Letters can help address issues about different matters. It can serve as a form of medium for people to express their concerns or experiences on services and other work. Letters can also help companies address their employees with a different topic and other organizations reach out to their members. 

It serves as a medium of communication

Letters are forms of communication. It can help serve as a medium of communication for companies and different organizations to give information, updates, news, and other matters to its members. Letters come in different formats and tones depending on their purpose.

It promotes professional work

Writing a letter to address or inform can help promote professional development. It encourages individuals to improve their writing and communication skills, especially when addressing them to higher authorities. Making a good cover letter can also bring the best reputation to a job seeker since it can showcase skills and qualifications.

It can help with job applications

Making a letter and cover letter can help increase the chances of getting a job. A good cover letter provides you the opportunity to showcase your background before meeting with the company’s recruiting manager. Making one can definitely bring you a plus point in getting hired!

What’s in a Letter and Cover Letter? Parts?

Making a letter can be formal or informal depending on which type of letter you are writing. When making a formal letter, a header should begin with your name and must have separate lines for your email address, phone number, and address. 


This part of the document serves as a greeting to the intended recipient and addresses them by name. If you can’t find a specific name to address your letter to, you can address a standard greeting such as “to whom it may concern” or  “greetings”.


In this section, if you are making a cover letter, you can include the title of the job you’re applying for, a general description of why you are qualified for the job, and why you are interested in the job opening. If you are making a letter to address or inform certain individuals or groups, you can include your motives and other introductory information.

Qualifications for Cover Letters

This part of the document lays out more information about the things you put on your resume and put the most emphasis on how your experiences are relevant to the job. In this section, you can tell the employer right away how you can help their team and get their attention.

Main Body

This serves as the main text of the document and contains everything there is about what you want to address or inform in this section, such as your plans, main concerns, information about certain topics, or any other main information that can be a part of your letter. In a cover letter, focus on how your goals match up with the company and include an explanation of how the work you do can help both your career and the company’s needs and future.

Call to Action

In a cover letter, it is best to give thanks to the employer for taking the period to look over your application and let him or her know that you’d like to talk more about the job or set up an interview. If you are writing a letter of recommendation, plans, or letter to address concerns, you can state here the need for action.


This part of the document contains a closing phrase together with your name and signature, with common examples such as “best regards” and “respectfully”.


How to Design a Letter and Cover Letter?

1. Choose a letter and cover letter size.

2. Decide on what letter and cover letter ideas & examples to choose from.

3. Select your preferred letter and cover letter template.

4. Write the header of your letter.

5. Begin with a greeting and start writing the contents of your letter.

6. End the letter with professional closing phrases.

7. Review and finalize your letter.



Letter and Cover Letter vs. Letterhead

A letter and cover letter is a formal document that is used by organizations to address or inform individuals about different subjects.

A letterhead is a header located on the top sheet of a business document that includes your company’s name, address, contact information, and logo and is intended for all the business papers and letters that are prepared and sent.

What’s the Difference Between a Letter and Cover Letter, Memo, and Resume?

A letter is a formal document used by businesses to communicate with or inform individuals about various topics which can be used as cover letters that serve as supporting documents for job applications that offer comprehensive information on the applicant’s skills and qualifications.

Memos or memorandums are formal documents that include written communication generally used in a business setting and contain brief content that uses lists and bullets to address issues or proposals.

A resume is a type of document that is commonly submitted together with a cover letter and includes summarized data about the job seeker.

Letter and Cover Letter sizes

Adhering to the right document size is important to preserve the format, quality, and structure of the document and it ensures that the document in concern can serve its purpose. This includes letters and cover letters, and here are the standard letter and cover letter sizes that can be followed.

  • US – letter (8.5×11 inches)
  • A4 size (8.3×11.7 inches)
  • A5 size (5.8×8.3 inches)


Letter and Cover Letter Ideas & Examples

Creating or writing letters and cover letters should be a relatively easy task to do. Should one find it difficult, however, they can make use of the following letter and cover letter ideas & examples as a reference that should make the overall task easier.

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What basic information should be put on the letter?

The letter must adhere to all requirements of professional letter writing, including the sender’s contact information, the date, salutations, and the address of the receiver.

How to write a resignation letter?

In writing a resignation letter, you must provide the name of your office staff position and the date of your final day of employment in a letter indicating your intention to resign.

What is an offer letter?

An offer letter is a document provided by a corporation to a potential employee that outlines the essential terms of employment.

What Is included in a job offer Letter?

A job offer letter should include salary, employment status, job duties, contingencies, supervision, and start date information for the candidate.

What is a formal letter and its feature?

A formal letter is a kind of letter that is produced for official reasons that adhere to predetermined conventions and structure and usually features a passive voice and contains long and complex sentences.

How do you properly send a letter in the mail?

To properly send a letter in the mail, first, insert a stamp in the upper right corner of the envelope, then write the destination address, which is the address of the person to whom you are sending the letter, and lastly, put your address as the return address.

What is a letter of introduction?

A cover letter informs a potential employer of your qualifications and interest in potential future employment.

What is an informal letter?

Informal letters utilize language that is informal and intimate and may conclude with an endearing phrase such as yours lovingly, genuinely, or affectionately.

How to write an administrative assistant cover letter?

To write an administrative assistant cover letter, start with a professional greeting, then provide a brief introduction and why you are applying for an administrative position, then, you can list your qualifications for the position for which you are applying, and lastly, conclude the paragraph by thanking the recruiting manager for considering you for the position.