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The greatest strength of an organization undoubtedly points to how united the members of their team are, doing their jobs and at times, doing more than what is expected from them individually, in collaborative settings. With the skills and knowledge to perform to the best of their abilities, is at the company’s disposal, making businesses more flexible and opening a good number of opportunities for the taking. You may also see proposal examples.

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Students Activities Proposal

School Activity Proposal

Activity Proposal and Curriculum Review

Employees are also taking advantage of the benefits of working alongside people they already got to know enough to be comfortable with and trust, improving the company’s operations as a whole, by being each other’s support system within the workplace. It is then evident that regardless of how small business or large business is, no matter which market they cater to, people working as a team and bringing the company’s work-life balance culture (because an organization needs to have one) to the fore, has a big impact to their failure and success.

Cultural Event Proposal and Budget Request

CAS Activity Proposal

This means that employees’ involvement in the organization as a whole, would improve if they are given the chance to be a team, and the best way to do that is through activities that would help nurture their productivity, satisfaction, and team spirit.

Fostering Good Employee Relations

Employees need a way to channel their pressure as jobs get more demanding in a competitive industry, and some of them are able to do this through common team building exercises since they are less stressful than just sitting on a desk, isolated from everybody else. This allows for greater productivity and better job performance while forming stronger connections between colleagues.

Naturally, the impact of activities that allows you to break away from your desk and computer without necessarily relaxing, but still being active, would be amplified if done regularly. If social activities within the company or even when done outside with other members of your team gives a business a good chance of keeping its employees satisfied, empowered and valued.

Aside from that, any sign of conflicts in a team can be managed easily before it even escalates, when members agree to discuss differences in an open, professional, manner. For any company, good relationship or camaraderie plays a very important role in making a business thrive and reach its maximum potential, where the management can share the positive returns with the rest of the organization. It is the responsibility of the Human Resource department of a particular company to come up with a design or keep a schedule of company activities quarterly, or as they see fit.

As what has already been mentioned, the business industry is getting more and more competitive so that companies around the world need to think of ways to keep employee satisfaction, because employees who aren’t motivated t work and deliver in the level that they are expected to, will be the downfall of a company’s profit. Planning corporate activities may need time and effort but so does skilled employees who render hours at work.

Sure the compensation would always be a driver for motivating employees, but the importance of activities or events in a business are also unmatched when it comes to developing harmony at work and fostering employees’ interpersonal relationship. It is also a great chance to encourage loyalty and making people in an organization work to achieve business goals. In Spain alone, companies generate an approximately €5,000 million in returns for organizing company activities, which is an impressive, helpful figure, given the recent economic global downturn.

On the Importance of Corporate Activities

You might think that the idea of proposing activity are fancy dinner parties in a grand hotel booked by the organization, but it far encompasses that, and it is also not just limited to workshops, drills, refresher training, and symposiums. It’s also not just about sports and recreational activities, although all those things have proven to be helpful in driving a team forward in terms of performance. Whatever form an activity takes, it makes up a significant part of a business’ practices and employee relations strategies.

For one, it is a good time for Focus Group Discussions or FGDs or quarterly meetings, in monitoring where the company is at when it comes to goals and performance. It is also a good time to discuss action plans at an organizational level. In short, company activities does a very good job in ensuring internal and external communication as it brings the company’s products and services closer to its clients by way of official product campaigns. Activities strengthen ties between employees and between a business and its customers. You may also like free proposal templates.

In a business, it is important to keep an employee’s motivation to work well and do his best. Naturally, compensation is already a given, for employee motivation, but more than that there are a few activities designed to make an employee find his strength and determination to work to the best of his or her abilities, like meeting or conferences. This will allow the employee, as the front liners that they are, to be free from stress for a while and combine work and play by participating. For what good are events if there aren’t employees willing to be part of it? But for the record, it is rare for workers not to participate when they know they have a chance to breathe without really taking a day off. Other recreational activities like sports competition for each department are also a proven way to strengthen teamwork and employee ties, as well as the desire for positive competition.

It also helps break barriers between employees who don’t don’t usually talk, giving them a chance to get to know each other more. That is why many companies organize sports activities every year, which a lot of employees look forward to, if only to cheer for their team members when they cannot play. This, and many more, because the possibilities are endless.

Both corporate and nonprofit organization activities are avenues to recognize the achievements and success of their members and employees. Dinners and special meetings provide a stage for the collective recognition, celebration and appreciation of significant achievements or milestones that an individual, a team or even the whole organization have achieved together. It also encourages the rest to follow the example of a standout member and further promotes the desire for growth and necessary changes that an organization needs to put in place. Another benefit of proposing activities is that it promotes profit in business by gaining more customers when a company interacts with them. Like a domino effect, events improves other areas of business too, like generating revenue.

If you’re a talented performer, a member of a local sports team,  or a group just in need of funds to cover costs for your cause, asking admission fees to your event can generate revenue. Sound familiar? Maybe because you know this type of activity as fundraising and fundraising helps a lot, when done and organized properly, so go ahead and organize activities to raise funds, by all means, especially if this is your organization’s way of giving back to the community.

It’s pretty common knowledge that non-profit organizations are pros at this, so maybe you can learn a thing or two from them. After all, it wouldn’t hurt to put in a day for charity and raise awareness that you can connect to what your business stands for. And contrary to common belief that all things in business needs to be done the digital way, face to face interaction is still unrivaled as one of the best ways to also acquire new customers and build connections with potential business partners, because at the end of the day, proposing and forging a business partnership still needs to be done with two or more parties discussing their terms.

Holding workshops, seminars and social activities within the organization establish a desire for people to lead and learn. You also allow the members to meet with other people in the same company for activities that are bigger and involves a much larger crowd while giving them the opportunity to share new ideas and collaborate with each other as part of their future plan, thereby also establishing your business as a driver for employee cooperation in individual and team growth. It is through these activities that everyone gets a chance to have a great time together and socialize and be more involved with what’s going on in the company, and to save time, this has o be managed in a structured way by the HR department.

Events Proposal

Activity Proposal Form

Event Proposal Template

Event Planning Proposal

To organize an activity that would prove to be profitable is a challenging task, from proposing it, to coming up with a suitable budget samples, because a lot of factors should be considered, like resources needed in all areas-financial, technical and physical. You just don’t hold an event without enough money and you will not be able to do it without the help of people, and you just don’t organize it without a goal and objective as to what you want to achieve in the end.

The thing is, employees will always want a workplace that inspires, rewards and motivates them. And clients would want to work with a company that prides on employees that are happy to be involved. This is important to any organization who wants to build or maintain their brand and culture. Having people work together as a team and caring about the company enough to help it grow, strengthens culture in a business. After all, a business is only as good as its employees. You may also like Simple proposal templates.

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