15 Restaurant Badge Designs & Templates


Have you seen the animated movie “Up”? If you have, do you remember the badges crowding the squishy little boy’s sash? Yes, those are badges given to Boy Scouts when they perform good deeds, but the badges featured in this article are entirely inclined to business.

Every business needs a symbol that represents them, and that is where badges come in. Badges are basically used as brand logos, symbols, and product labels. Before we go through the list of designs, let us first find out why restaurant badges are as important as restaurant menu templates and other marketing tools.

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Benefits of using restaurant badges

1. Size

The thing about restaurant badges is that they come in various sizes. They can be as small as the common badges that you usually see and they can also be as big as signboards. You can stitch them on to your staff’s uniforms or you could use them as designs on your wall. You can basically incorporate them anywhere.

2. Attraction

Marketing is all about attracting customers to increase profits. If your badges are captivating enough, it will get you the crowd that you have always aimed for.

3. Recognition

After attraction comes recognition. Once people enter your restaurant, their minds will grasp any striking image that they can see, and badges are one of those things. They will easily remember your restaurant when they see your badge everywhere. Your badge then becomes a trigger to remind them of the memories that they have spent in your restaurant and the experience that they had when they ate your food.

4. Increase in sales

After gaining attention and recognition, the number of people going in and out of your restaurant will certainly increase. And, these increased customer numbers will translate to increased customer sales. It is going to get busier than usual, so prepare your staff for a larger crowd.

Seafood Restaurant Badge Template

seafood 788x524

Chef Restaurant Badge Template

chef 788x524

Sweets and Pastries Badge Template

sweets pastries

Vintage Restaurant Badge Template

vintage 788x524

Vegetarian Restaurant Badge Template

vegetarian 788x524

Cafe Badge Template

cafe 788x524

How to use and edit restaurant badges

You do not have to be a graphic designer to be able to use and edit these badges. It only takes the right software and diligence to get the design that you want for your restaurant badges. We have provided easy steps for you to follow, so read them below.

  • Download a photo editing software program. If you already have photo editing software, then that is great. But if you do not, download one software application that can edit multiple image formats so you will not have to switch between applications. You can download them online, and you can go for either paid or freeware programs.
  • Download the template. After you have downloaded the photo editing software, you can now download the restaurant badge template that you like. Sure, pick the one that is the most attractive and eye-catching, but always remember to choose the best design that you think will fit your restaurant’s theme and represent your restaurant’s identity in the best way.
  • Open the template using the photo editing software. Now that you have the necessary software application and the template that you prefer using for your restaurant badge, it is time to play and have fun!
  • Edit the template. This is where the fun part begins! Tweak every element of the template that you can and experiment to your heart’s content. There is no limit on how much you can do with it. Delete what you want to delete. Change what you want to change. What matters most is that you arrive at a final design for the restaurant badge that you are genuinely happy with.
  • Save it! Of course, you have to save everything so you will not have to redo it. But, if you feel that you can still use this template in its original form in the near future, you might as well save your edited template as a separate file and not overwrite the original. This way, you can perform as many edits as you can with your chosen template and generate multiple personal designs from it.

Pub and Restaurant Badge Template

pub 788x524

Lunch Restaurant Badge Template

lunch 788x526

Burger Restaurant Badge Template

burger 788x543

Clean Restaurant Badge Template


Classy Restaurant Badge Template

classy 788x700

Food Delivery Restaurant Badge Template

food delivery

Other uses of restaurant badges

Badges are used as gimmicky accessories for different purposes. Here are some other uses of badges for your restaurant:

  • Promotion. Badges are small, so they are easier to carry and they do not cost that much to produce. Because a badge is easier to carry, using it to promote your restaurant will not take much effort. You can distribute batches of them without even worrying about how you are going to carry them or store them. Another great thing about badges is that they can be used as fashion accessories. You can actually just attach them anywhere, such as your cap, shirt, pants, or bag.
  • Conversation starters. Once they see your badges, some people will be inclined to ask you about your restaurant. It is going to create a great opportunity for you to talk to them and advertise your restaurant’s products and services. Improve your charisma and entice them with your words!
  • Customer conversion. After promotion, people will certainly get curious about your restaurant when they see your badges. They will slowly start going to your restaurant, so prepare your staff to properly accommodate them and serve food that will impress them so much that they decide to come back and order again.
  • Additional merchandise for increasing sales.  You can just give these badges away for free. That way, you can lure in more customers. It also would not hurt to try to sell them. They should not be priced too high, though, so that more customers will be inclined to buy them as souvenirs. By doing this, you have another source of income to increase your sales.

Retro Restaurant Badge Template


Cool Restaurant Badge Template

cool 788x533

Simple Restaurant Badge Template

simple e1512725833925

Elegant Restaurant Badge Template

elegant 788x609

Fast Food Restaurant Badge Template

fast food 788x569

Linear Restaurant Badge Template


There are a bunch of designs to choose from, but we hope that you did not have a hard time picking the right one. Well, with these designs, we can totally understand if you did. Whatever decision you may arrive at, always remember that choosing a template should not be just about its attractiveness. It is also about having to pick the one that will represent your restaurant the best. You project your restaurant’s identity to your customers using these badges, so you have to be careful in choosing one because a mistake could cost you your restaurant’s reputation. It is not going to be easy, so take as much time as you need. We hope we have helped you with the list that we have created and we wish you the best of luck!

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