Restaurant Voucher Templates

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What Is a Restaurant Voucher?

Statistics show that 85% of Americans are fond of using coupons or creative vouchers for their purchases. Restaurant voucher is one of the most famous ones. It is a card or a piece of paper that serves as an offer for a cash discount or food deals from a specific restaurant. It holds the power of giving a certain percentage off from your meal/s and drinks.

How to Create a Restaurant Voucher?

restaurant voucher template

If you want your restaurant voucher cards to be more personal, you can customize or make your voucher. Just follow the steps in creating your restaurant food voucher.

1. Do Your Research

Modern vouchers can be something that you want to give out of pure generosity, but you still have to do proper research to know how it works. Research online on the process of how to deal with discounts from companies, or, more specifically, restaurants.

2. Decide the Restaurant

Because you are making editable vouchers, it is vital to decide which restaurant you would love to cooperate with. So think of a restaurant that you would personally enjoy to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner to make the discounted meal special and worth it.

3. Plan Your Voucher

At this point, you have to work with your imagination. Imagine what you want your blank voucher to look like. Imagine the words, colors, fonts, structure, and arrangements. Use your creativity and make sure to plan the details that are needed to be present in your restaurant sample voucher, which includes the name of your chosen restaurant, the percentage of the discount, the specifications, the expiry date, and the conditions.

4. Design Your Voucher

Concretize your plans and imaginations, and it's time to do the designing. Begin with choosing a trusted editing application or software to help you start. In a blank canvas, put your plan. Put color schemes, patterns, and designs that are pleasing to the eye and, at the same time, relevant to your chosen restaurant. After that, insert the necessary words and numbers. Insert the name of the restaurant and the logo. Next, put the specific percentage off. Make it prominent and noticeable. Then, the specifications. If you only want the discount to be available for dinner, or if you only meant to discount specific foods from the menu, then make sure to put it in. Make sure to put the small details for the convenience of both the consumer and the restaurant staff.  

Another essential detail is the expiry date. It is a must to put the expiry date if there is. Lastly, write the terms and conditions. There are conditions for the printable voucher to be considered legal and valid, so never forget to include those. You can also put blank spaces to write their names and other information, as well as the restaurant's knowledge.

5. Save Your Voucher

Finalize everything and make sure that you have included everything necessary in the discount voucher. Then, finally, save it. You can print the gift voucher yourself, or you can send it as a soft copy for the consumers to print or show.

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