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What Is an Employee Survey?

An employee survey is a type of survey questionnaire used to obtain and evaluate an employee's mood and morale and monitor employee's achievement. Mostly, employee surveys are conducted by an HR or a manager of a company. The survey will be conducted anonymously to let the employees state their true feelings and opinions about their experience in the company. According to the National Library of Medicine, as it is often used to describe and explore human behavior, surveys are therefore frequently used in social and psychological research. Some of the examples of an employee survey are employee engagement surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, employee feedback surveys, public service employee surveys, a 60-day new employee survey, and a pulse employee survey.

How to Make an Employee Survey

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In making an employee survey, consider your company's line of work and make a suitable questionnaire out of it. In creating one, you cannot simply throw out questions and send them out to your employees; rather, you need an HR objective plan for it. Also, in conducting the survey, you can fully understand your employees and make adjustments and changes so that they are motivated to work more efficiently and effectively. If you are an HR or a part of the management and you wanted to make an employee survey to test employee's personalities, you are at the right place. Here are some guidelines as to how to make an effective employee survey.

1. Create Your Baseline

Begin making your sample survey by creating a comparison to track your progress and success of the employee's engagement status. Try to conduct information navigation as to how your employees will feedback. This might be a hassle thing to do but it is an effective move and guaranteed help for the betterment of the company.

2. Plan It with Your Superiors

The involvement of your superiors in drafting the printable company survey can ultimately help you because you can collect suggestions for the betterment of the objectives of the survey. In that way, the survey would be for the whole company and your superior will be aware as to what to expect in the result.

3. Set the Survey's Objectives

Estimate your survey's objective and focus on it. Make sure to make some improvements in a certain part of the company that the productivity is dropping. Gather and analyze data from your respondents and make them as a guideline in formulating the survey. Make sure to inform them as to who, when, how, and why the survey will be conducted. Emphasize the anonymity of the extensive or simple survey and guarantee it to your employees.

4. Formulate Your Survey Questionnaire

Make your survey as simple as possible. Lengthy and complex surveys are overwhelming, and the respondents may not honestly answer the survey. Make sure that you consider the diversity of the employees of your company. Make your questionnaire a culture-sensitive one. Also, design a survey that would take up possibly 10–15 minutes to answer. Your questions also depend on what target data you are collecting. The data collected should be stated in a comprehensive datasheet for data analysis.

5. Share the Survey Results

After getting the result, you can share it with your employees also to practice transparency in the company. The best way to do it is to conduct a meeting and discuss it with everyone. In the meeting minutes, list down all the suggestions or comments given by the board members and key players in the company.

6. Make an Action

Now that you have your data, it is time to make changes based on it. Compare the result from your objectives and set action plans as to how you will change some points to improve the company in general. With that, you can strategize beneficial programs for it.

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