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9+ Best Bold Letters

A bold letter or a bold typeface are letters that have been darkened in purpose through the use of a heavier font face or a shadow. They are intended to be that way as it helps people to see them clearer than the other fonts, hence giving more emphasis to the word, phrase, or sentence where this font type has been used.

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Bold letters may vary in design as there are a lot of ways on how they can be presented. There are already a variety of font styles that are made actually on bold letters and other ones that you can customize that look good too when used with a bold font face.

Check out our website’s collection of Alphabet Upper Case Letters if you are looking for full capitalization to emphasize your slogans or banners.

3D Best Bold Letters

Black and White 3D Letters

Commercial Bold Letters

Hand-Drawn Bold Letters

Inspirational Typography Bold Letters

Bold Gold Color Alphabets

You can use bold letters for the following purposes:

  • If you are writing a title page, using bold letters will make it appear look bigger and can give more impact to whoever is reading it. If there are no rules in terms of how a certain title that you are making should appear, especially in terms of font and style, then having them written on bold letters is the way to go.
  • If there is a part of the article that you want to emphasize, you can use the bold face so that it can catch more attention, and the person reading it will give more focus once he or she is already in the part where the bold face has been used. Just make sure to not use bold letters all the time or for a lot of moments as it will lose its essence of providing emphasis on focus on certain items.
  • Bold letters are also great to be of use for invitations. They help people to focus on the details and make it easier for them to be able to read what the invitation is all about.

We have templates of printable alphabet letters and Wooden Alphabet Letters samples available on our website. Just go to the links provided and easily download them for your other ventures.

Aerostat Font in Bold Letters

Beautiful Bold Letters Font

Bold Letters in Magnet Set

Quote in Bold Letters

If you are to use bold letters in any document that you are to make, assure yourself that you are also considering these factors as it may affect how bold letters look like:

  • The color that you are to use to the text must complement the bold letters. There are some colors that do not look good especially if they are widely spread when used to any text. The color of your bold letter must also depend on the purpose on why the font face has been used.
  • The font style truly matters. There are some font styles that lose their beauty when they are used with bold letters. You can personally look if a certain font style is made for bold letters or not.
  • The amount of words that you are to put in bold must also be considered. Too much bold letters may cause confusion and dizziness to those who will look at them. Be sure to know when to stop using bold letters on specific documents.

Bold letters are great attention catchers. Once they are used properly, they can serve their purpose well. Aside from bold letters, we have  Nursery Alphabet Letters available for download.


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