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9+ Fancy Alphabet Letters

A long time ago, people used to put a lot of effort in writing. They made sure that the things they write had visual appeal—from the paper they used down to the design of the alphabet letters. Writing using fancy lettering, oftentimes called calligraphy, is an art form.

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These days, however, writing has been reduced to sitting in front of the computer and typing out words in the most basic of fonts. While writing using these basic fonts is done to keep things formal, it doesn’t hurt to add spice to your writing once in a while by using Cool Alphabet Letters.

Cursive Fancy Alphabet Letters


Calligraphy Fancy Alphabet Letters


Decorative Fancy Alphabet Letters


Free Printable Fancy Alphabet Letters


Making Fancy Letters on Your Computer

With handwriting, you can easily add your own style so that what you’re writing gets more personalized and more interesting. You can also do that now when writing on your laptop or PC through the different fonts that are available. Here are some instances where you can make digital writing a much more fun experience.

  • WordArt – You can make writing on your word processor by using WordArt. WordArt is a Microsoft Office tool that lets you add decorative texts into your document. There are a variety of designs to choose from, and you can customize its font size, color, design, and so on.
  • PowerPoint – You can make your PowerPoint presentations much more engaging by using fun and playful letters. You can even import letter designs and graphics from the web to incorporate to the document.
  • Digital Scrapbooks – You can make a scrapbook online, and you can customize it as much as you want. This would be a chance for you to add fancy letters and pictures—anything to your heart’s desire.
  • Fancy Alphabet Programs – There are many programs available online that you can use for free that converts any text to one that contains fancy letters. You can use all Alphabet Upper Case Letters or all lowercase letters, basically anything you can think of.

Fancy Block Alphabet Letters


Fancy Greek Alphabet Letters


Fancy Love Alphabet Letters


Fancy Monogram Alphabet Letters


Fancy Alphabet Script Letters


The Lost Art of Decorative Writing

These days, communication with other people is mostly done through texts, e-mails, chats, and so on. It is efficient and fast, but it also takes away the personal touch you can get by receiving a handwritten letter. With technology quickly changing the way we communicate, one could argue that handwriting, specifically decorative writing, is a lost art.

  • Many people still write on paper. It’s true that digital writing has overtaken writing on pen and paper, but there are still people who write by hand. Most modern poets do this. Old souls and the older generation still prefer to write on pen and paper.
  • Digital writing makes students less likely to put effort in writing. A study has found out that more than half of the students are most likely to take shortcuts when they are given the right tools—i.e., a computer and an Internet connection.
  • Decorative writing, in the form of calligraphy, is experiencing revival and growth. More people are gaining interest in calligraphy in recent years.

In today’s digital age, writing does not have to be plain and boring. Typing out words in your computer would be much more fun when you use fancy alphabet letters. You can even write using Greek Alphabet Letters or monogram alphabet letters—whatever tickles your fancy.

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