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8+ Crayon Box Templates

Crayons have been the go-to art material parents first buy for their kids. You can buy a crayon set that is composed of more than a hundred colors. Crayons are a whole lot of fun, and kids can spends hours just playing with all the colors that a crayon box hold.

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When looking for a fun addition to your website or blog, crayon boxes are a great option. They provide a playful yet professional twist to any page. You can find crayon box templates online that you can use for free. They look just like your regular Box Templates, but with the colors that they hold, they offer much more fun.

Printable Crayon Box Template


Crayon Box Packaging Template


Crayon Gift Box Template


DIY Crayon Box Template


Crayon Facts

Crayons have made such a big cultural impact that Crayola, one of the biggest crayon companies in the world, has claimed that by the time a child gets to their 10th birthday, he or she will have used up around 720 crayons. The popularity of crayons cannot be denied. That Crayola box you see is recognizable everywhere, and you can easily duplicate them using Rectangular Box Templates. Here are some facts you might have known about crayons:

  • The original Crayola box contains just 8 colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, and black. Those were the original eight colors of Crayola. These are the same colors you see today in the eight-box Crayola box.
  • Red and blue are the most popular crayon colors. This is based on a survey of American people. Blue in particular came out on top with red following it.
  • The first crayons were sold door to door. Crayons were once marketed to artists and they were sold from door to door. They were also a way cheaper back then as each box was only sold for a nickel.
  • Some colors have been retired by Crayola. Crayola now makes 120-color crayon boxes. That is a lot of colors that they have made over the years. Some of them are blue gray, orange yellow, and green blue.

Custom Crayon Box Template


Colorful Crayon Box Template



Kid’s Crayon Box Template



Crayon Box Template Usage

Crayon box templates are available online to download. They can be used as unique Gift Box Templates, and they are a great way of adding color to your website. These templates are also often printable so you can easily make a customize a crayon box of your own. Here are some of the places where you can put the crayon box template to good use:

  • Website or blog. You may be an educational website or a fun DIY blog. These crayon box templates immediately add an element of fun to your page.
  • Social media. If you are someone who loves to share art ideas on social media, then these templates are the perfect items to share.
  • School. There are printable templates you can find online, and they are perfect for school. They could provide a good kid’s activity that is sure to make kids busy and occupied.
  • Invitations and freebies. Printable crayon box templates could be used as invitation for an art-themed party. They would also make great party favors.

Each crayon box is expected to hold lots and lots of colors. You can easily put these boxes to good use by downloading these crayon box templates.

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