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29+ Greeting Card Examples – PSD, AI, Vector EPS

Looking for the right and perfect greeting cards to show how much you care? We got you covered. Greeting cards come in various shapes, patterns, and designs. Every special moment and event deserves a well-designed greeting card.

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They are made to express a particular message to another person. To help you fuel up your inspiration making your own greeting card, we have here an array of greeting card design samples and templates that are of great quality and design. Don’t hesitate to access and check them out. They will help put more life and inspiration to your greeting cards.

Holiday Greeting Card Example

Sample Holiday Greeting Card

Free Holiday Greeting Card


Business Holiday Greeting Card

Funny Holiday Greeting Card

Business Greeting Card Example

Thanksgiving Business Greeting Card

Personalized Business Greeting Card

Birthday Greeting Card Example

Happy Birthday Greeting Card

Free Birthday Greeting Card


1st Birthday Greeting Card

Greeting Cards Across Time

The face of greeting cards have changed across time. Per definition, it is considered as a piece of paper which carries with it a particular message. It is considered as a sign of consideration, love, kindness, appreciation, gratitude, and compassion. In the current times, greeting cards are widely used. Little do we know, though, about its humble beginnings. Here are some important historical highlights of the greeting card’s beginnings:

  • The practice of giving greeting cards took its roots during the time of the ancient Chinese. They were engaged in exchange of messages of good. Specifically during special occasions such as New Year, greeting cards were used.
  • On the other hand, Egyptians conveyed their feelings and greetings through the use of papyrus scrolls.
  • It was during the 15th century that handmade paper greeting cards were circulated and exchanged in Europe.
  • In the 1800s, only the individuals belonging to the elite and wealthy class have access to greeting cards in terms of use because most of the early greeting cards were hand delivered and many were quite expensive.
  • With the introduction of the world’s first postage stamp during the 1840s, greeting cards slowly became accessible by the masses.

Subsequently, the advancements of modern technology became one of the factors that led to the birth of modernized greeting cards. Greeting cards now are subject to various designs and themes. You can even send out virtual greetings via the internet. If you’re interested for more e-mail cards, we also have samples for you.

Rationale Behind Greeting Cards

The primary purpose of a greeting card convey one’s deepest congratulations, best wishes, or to show one’s support for another person’s success, achievement, or victory. The giving of greeting card is an act of love and goodness. Here are some other purpose of greeting cards:

  • On the point of view of the giver. The act of giving greeting cards is not really a compulsory practice. It is a consensual and altruistic act. For instance, in a working environment, the employers must make it a practice to circulate greeting cards in their offices. It is a way of showing to your employees that you value and care for them. Simple and holiday greeting cards create a smile on your employees’ faces. Check out these holiday greeting card designs to help you get started.
  • On the point of view of the receiver. The addressee of a greeting card will truly feel loved and valued. It is a way of boosting their morale and self-esteem. They will know that their sincere efforts are well appreciated by the people they love and value.

These are just purposes of greeting cards from two perspectives. Holistically, greeting cards are brought about by positivity and goodness. Indeed, sending a greeting is a manifestation of our sentiments we can share to our family, friends, customers, clients, and employees.

Flash Greeting Card Example

Free Flash Greeting Card


Flash Animation Greeting Card

Flash New Year Greeting Card

Thank You Greeting Card Example

Printable Thank You Greeting Card

Photo Thank You Greeting Card

Printable Thank You Greeting Card

Greeting Card Salutation Example

Holiday Greeting Card Salutation

Birthday Greeting Card Salutation


Christmas Greeting Card Example

Merry Christmas Greeting Card

Design Elements of a Greeting Card

To put it simply, a greeting is just a piece of folded paper with incorporated texts and images on the front and inside of it. Like any other cards, it also comes in various designs, sizes, and styles. In light of all of this, there are also common standards and formatting being followed. Here are some basic parts of a greeting card:

  • Front cover. This is usually a designed with a text, an image or a combination of both. In terms of design, it must be attractive and memorable because it gives the addressee or buyers ,if you’re into selling greeting cards, a first impression.
  • Inside message. In here, you may opt to use either a card with a ready made quotation, poem, or inspirational message inside or a blank card which allows you to provide your own message. The inside portion of the card may carry with it some design elements of the front cover after all they follow one theme. In addition to this, there are also greeting cards with more than one inside panels which take the form of booklets.
  • Back portion. If you’re making your own personalized card, you can enter here your name, date, and a personal stamp or logo. If you’re into the business of selling greeting cards, this is the part where you can put the name of the greeting card company with logos and copyright information.
  • Other additional parts. You can also add additional elements of your greeting cards such as embellishments. This refers to ribbons, glitters, charms, and other items that would improvise and add beauty to your cards.

These are just some of the common design elements of a greeting card. You can also check out our photo greeting cards and electronic greeting cards which are also of great quality and design.

A Variety of Greeting Card Themes

As you can see from our array of templates, there are a lot of themes to choose from. From the vintage ones to the modern ones, let’s examine some of what we offer:

  • Christmas cards. There are Christmas cards available for you. The Christmas season is a season of giving, love, and kindness. Our designs will truly put a grin on the addressees faces.
  • Retirement greeting cards. These cards are great ways of creatively expressing your gratitude, appreciation, and best wishes to your fellow workmates. Retirement is an important milestone in every ones working life. It is a time to settle down and reap the fruits of ones hard work.
  • Baby shower cards. A baby shower is an event wherein family, loved ones and friends gather in a certain venue to celebrate the coming of a baby angel in their life. It is also a time that they give their blessings ad wishes to the future parents. In line with this, baby shower greeting cards are used to express ones happiness for the couple’s blessings.

These are just some of our featured themes. There is still more in store for you.

Different Types of Greeting Cards

After deciding a design theme, you will need to decide on how you are going to create your greeting card. You can choose either manually create them or use software or greeting card generators.

  • Handwritten. Handwritten greeting cards are still not obsolete. For some, manually made greeting cards are more interesting and appreciated. The card is truly a product of one’s sweat, ideas, and hard work. Handwritten greeting are mostly characterized by pretty pieces of stationery or plane white paper. There is no one stopping you from inserting a quotation, inspirational statement or poems.
  • Electronic. Greeting cards that are a product of software generators are also good in terms of quality and design. They are more updated in terms of design. You can also save time, resources and effort especially if you are distributing greeting cards to a numerous people. Most businesses used this type of card.

In the end of the day, the choice is yours on how you want your greeting card to look like. There are a lot of factors to take into account. Either way, you can always checkout our list of templates for reference and inspiration. You can also check out our free printable greeting cards and other beautiful greeting cards.

Retirement Greeting Card Example

Free Retirement Greeting Card

Happy Retirement Greeting Card

Printable Retirement Greeting Card

Formal Greeting Card Example

Formal Birthday Greeting Card

Free Formal Greeting Card


Formal Christmas Greeting Card

Wedding Greeting Card Example

Free Wedding Greeting Card

Wedding Anniversary Greeting Card

Wedding Wishes Greeting Card

Graduation Greeting Card Example

Graduation Congratulations Greeting Card

Printable Graduation Greeting Card

Free Graduation Greeting Card


Common Greeting Card Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Never underestimate the power of greeting cards. No matter little or short the message, the effort is meaningful and the impact felt. In designing poignant and well-felt greeting cards, here are some common greeting card mistakes that you should avoid in order to ace your greeting card designs:

  • Poor font quality. Like any other cards, the message inside your greeting card must be clear. It would defeat the purpose of it if the message is unclear because of the font’s quality. Using light font color can decrease the readability of your card.
  • Ignoring the theme. The overall design of the greeting card must embody a certain theme. The design must be consistent. For instance, a birthday greeting card must not be designed in consonance with farewell cards. Consistency is the key.
  • Printed on a poor quality paper: This is a big no. The design of a greeting card will not work its magic if the paper itself is defective or of low quality. The paper must be of good quality so that the design would not go to waste.
  • Poor color scheme. Ensure that you choose complementary colors. Every element of the design must work its magic. The color is the one that holds and seals them together. Use a color scheme that empowers rather than overshadow your other design elements.

Easy-to-Download Greeting Card Templates

There are indeed a lot of factors to take into account in designing greeting cards. In line with this, if you are pressed with time and needs a little push of inspiration in designing your cards, then you can simply download our templates. To do this, follow these simple steps below:

  • Discern and scroll through the page. You can simply scroll down and check out the list of templates. While scrolling down, there are also bits of relevant information and facts that are related with greeting cards that you can also use for reference purposes.
  • Click on the green Download button below the chosen template in order to start downloading.

Indeed, offers a variety of templates for you. Aside from them, we also offer flash greeting cards, if ever you’re interested. Our templates can serve as your reference and inspiration in creating your own masterpiece, or they could stand as masterpieces in their own right.

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