8+ Chalkboard Flyers

When we think about chalkboards, it reminds us of our past, during our time in school. The use of chalkboards in today’s generation has declined significantly with the whiteboards taking its place in schools and offices. This is because chalkboards and chalk do tend to become messy eventually. Though chalk dust is nontoxic, some people are allergic to it and prolonged exposure would still lead to health hazards.

Chalkboards still have plenty of advantages nowadays, despite the recent advances of whiteboards. Many school teachers strongly believe that chalkboards are such a great benefit for the students and the entire learning process, thus deciding to keep them than have it replaced with whiteboards. When the chalkboard effect is used for other purposes, it gives us that vintage and school life feeling which makes us connect with our inner childhood. Here on our website, we have a collection of chalkboard flyers for you to use.

Happy Hour Chalkboard Flyer

Happy Hour Chalkboard Flyer


Night Chalkboard Flyer



Chalkboard Restaurant Flyer



Christmas Chalkboard Flyer



Chalkboard Party Flyer



Chalkboards versus whiteboards

  • The chalk can last a very long time without any special care whereas the whiteboard marker dries out when not capped.
  • A box of chalk is cheaper than a whiteboard marker and an ink refill.
  • The chalk on a chalkboard can easily be erased whereas the ink on a whiteboard hardens over time, making it difficult to remove.
  • Writing and drawing lines with varying thicknesses is easier to achieve with chalks.
  • Chalks are odorless whereas whiteboard markers often give out an unpleasant odor.

What Are the Advantages of Using Flyers?

  • Flyers are easy to make (especially with the templates that we are offering).
  • Flyers are also very easy to distribute to the public.
  • Flyers don’t require a lot of spending.
  • Flyers are interesting to read and to look at.
  • Flyers can also stimulate the creativity of the advertiser.
  • Flyers may be able to provide feedback as to how effective the advertisement turned out.
  • Flyers can initiate direct interaction between the advertiser and the general public.
  • Flyers can easily reach the public through networking, wherein one person who received a copy of the flyer can show it to other people.

How Can You Make Flyers More Effective?

  • Keep it brief and direct to the point.
  • Make it easy to read. Organize all important information through bullets.
  • Include testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Make sure to indicate the contact number somewhere on the flyer.
  • Always refer to the reader in the second person point of view.

For more templates, you may want to check out our collection of chalkboard menu templates.

Vintage Chalkboard Flyer



Chalkboard Wedding Flyer



Halloween Chalkboard Flyer



Our flyer templates were selected from among the best all around the Internet and were designed by creative and experienced graphic artists. Our templates can be downloaded easily in high-resolution PSD, AI vector, or EPS formats for a negligible royalty fee so you could rest assured that the quality of these images will remain crisp even when printed on large-scale materials. The templates we offer on our website are fully editable, which means that you have all the freedom in the world to customize and be creative on these templates to attract people in coming to your event.

If you are looking for poster templates, then you may also want to check out our collection of chalkboard posters. But if you couldn’t find what you were looking for on this page, then scroll down to the bottom and check out the links to other related contents found all around our website.

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