Are you tired of receiving complaints that your invitations are irritating and boring? We offer you a wide selection of beautifully crafted chalkboard invitation templates and also blank chalkboard templates if you prefer minimal designs. The designs range from vintage-floral style, nostalgic and preferably used for events like your grandparents' birthdays or wedding anniversaries, to a modern one that follows the latest and seasonal trends like Halloween or New Year. The templates come in different file formats (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Apple Pages) and can be easily personalized if you wish to cater to other events like baby showers, graduations, engagements, or dinner parties. Use these templates so no one will complain about your invitations ever again!

How to Make Chalkboard Invitations

Chalkboard invitations are a popular invitation design nowadays because of the nostalgic vibe it gives off. Another element for the design's popularity is these dark backgrounds that emphasize bright colors, in a manner that doesn't irritate the viewer's eyes. The design is delicate and simple yet elegant, a great style for any type of event or announcement. However, before you start designing your chalkboard invitation, you must first think of a theme or design for the invitations. The theme must be related to the event being planned.

1. Think of a Theme or Design

Before you start with designing your desired graduation or birthday invitation template or thinking of who will attend, you must think of a theme. The theme must give the guests an idea of what the event is about, what materials and food must be prepared, and what must be the attire for the event. The theme must be presented in a way that is simple and subtle, in a sense that it doesn't need too much design or isn't too flashy. The simpler the theme and design, the better the invitation appears. Addressing the theme before anything else may be difficult at first, but eventually, the rest will follow smoothly.

2. Use Non-Default Fonts

Playing with non-default fonts in your elegant invitations may help you be creative. The font must be different than the commonly used fonts like Arial, Verdana, Garamond, etc. Use font styles that you once thought aren't good and also play with the font sizes. Use two different fonts, not merely a singular font style, that may complement or contrast one another but is still pleasing to look at. You may never know. You might discover contrasting styles that blend well together. Keep these combinations in mind for future usage.

3. Place the Event Details

Take note of the details of your event and write them down. The schedule, the venue, the name of the guests, the food and drinks, etc. are usually the only things to place in an invitation whether the event may be a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, or a baby shower. Do remember to keep the details minimal because not everyone wants to read a lengthy invitation. Keep the details simple and short, but straight to the point.

4. Who's the Audience

Once you have brainstormed about themes, designs, fonts, and event details, all that is left are the guests. Thinking about who you will invite helps you think about the number of event invitations you'll create and this also helps you plan out the budget, the venue, and the food. For example, wedding card invitations are important because you can't just allow anyone to attend your wedding. The food and the venue might not accommodate them. So always think of the number of guests you'll allow in the event to know how many invitations to make.

5. Review and Edit

Once you're done with the previous steps, the last thing you must do is review the whole thing. The only thing that might ruin the invitations you've worked hard for might be one little mistake. To avoid this, do review the whole design before you print them out, and once you have reviewed the whole thing, you are now ready to showcase your elegant invitations to anyone! They might even ask you to make a sample invitation for them!

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