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A chalkboard menu would look perfect for a cafeteria, a pizzeria or a diner. It appears to have been written on a chalk board, and often coloured chalk is used. That gives it a unique look, and makes it all the more attractive. If you want a fun, light hearted ambience for your restaurant, somewhere casual where people can simply hang out with their friends, this is the menu to opt for. To create such chalkboard menus for breakfast, you could try out Weekly Menu Templates.

Chalkboard Menu Template in PSD

chalkboard menu template in psd Buy Now

Chalkboard Restaurant Menu Template

chalkboard restaurant menu template1 Buy Now

Cafe Menu Chalkboard Template

cafe menu chalkboard template Buy Now

Retro Chalkboard Menu Template

retro chalkboard menu template Buy Now

Chalkboard Restaurant Menu Template

chalkboard restaurant menu template Buy Now

Christmas Chalk Menu Template

christmas chalk menu template1 Buy Now

Cafe Menu Board Template

cafe menu board template1 Buy Now A chalkboard menu template PDF would contain the names of your food items and the prices of each listed against a black background. To make it look even more striking you could opt for Menu Templates which appear to have been written with coloured chalk.

Bifold Chalkboard Menu Template Download

bifold chalkboard menu template download

This PDF bi fold chalkboard menu template comes in a black background with appetizers, salad, barbeque, coffee, pizza and beer written on it. This menu can be downloaded for use.

New Style Chalkboard Menu Template Download

new style chalkboard menu template download

This Word new style chalkboard template is a menu on the wall where each customer can take a look and choose the items they want. This style is cheap and easy for restaurants to adopt and maintain.

Breakfast Chalkboard Menu Template Download

breakfast chalkboard menu template download

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day it should have a nice big menu that the customers can comfortably place their order from. This PDF menu comes with pictures and prices of the food offered.

Blank Chalkboard Rustic Menu Sign in Teapot Style

blank chalkboard rustic menu sign in teapot style

This Word blank chalkboard rustic menu sign in tea pot style comes in outstanding bright colors. The menu is preferably a tea menu for its size but you can customize it to your own convenience.

Chalkboard Menu Mockup with Juicy Watermelon Download

chalkboard menu mockup with juicy watermelon download

This Excel chalkboard menu mockup with juicy watermelon is a menu that will help you bring out the best in your menu. With the wide space to fill and re usable it is convenient as ever.

Vector Chalkboard Menu for Restaurant Template Download

vector chalkboard menu for restaurant template download

Chalkboard menus are really cool and instantly attractive. Here’s one sample menu which would look really look good in a restaurant. The template has some amazing artwork – hand-drawn designs and food images. The menu template features offers house specials, starters, side, dessert cold and hot drinks.

Professionally Printed Chalkboard Menu Sign Download

professionally printed chalkboard menu sign download


Chalkboard Trifold Menu Template

chalkboard trifold menu template

This Word chalkboard tri fold menu template comes with also yellow and red colors. This menu is a hand held menu that makes it easier for each customer to get a closer look at the menu.

Chalkboard Menu kitchen Sign Erasable Reusable Custom Template

chalkboard menu kitchen sign erasable reusable custom template

This Excel chalkboard menu kitchen sign comes in a gold frame giving it a fabulous finish to it. This menu is a home menu for a family for one meal each seven days of a week.

Chalkboard Bakery Menu Template Download

chalkboard bakery menu template download

This PDF chalkboard bakery menu template has drawings of baked breads and cakes at the top. This menu can be downloaded by a bakery to schedule their baking for every day of the week.

Elegant Chalkboard Wedding Menu Template

elegant chalkboard wedding menu templates custom rack cards templatedownload


Coffee and Bakery Menu on Chalkboard Design Template Download

coffee and bakery menu on chalkboard design template download


Menu on Chalkboard for Alcohol Template Download

menu template on chalkboard for alcohol template download1


Easel Rustic Wedding Chalkboard Menu Template Download

easel rustic wedding chalkboard menu template download


Food Menu on Chalkboard Template Download

food menu on chalkboard template download


Food Menu Chalkboard Tri Fold Download

food menu chalkboard tri fold download


Chalkboard Menu Poster Style Surprise Party Invitation Template

chalkboard menu poster style surprise party invitation template


Chalkboard Look Wedding Menu Card Template

chalkboard look wedding menu card template


Chef Menu Chalkboards Mock Up Download

chef menu chalkboards mock up download


Seamless Food Menu on Chalkboard Download

seamless food menu on chalkboard download


Restaurant Food Menu Design With Chalkboard Template Download

restaurant food menu design with chalkboard template download1


Personalized Chalkboard Menu Sign Download

personalized chalkboard menu sign download


Coffee Menu on Chalkboard Template

coffee menu on chalkboard template


Monster Chalkboard Menu Download

monster chalkboard menu download


Printable Wedding Chalkboard Menu Template

printable wedding chalkboard menu template


Typography Chalkboard Menu Template

typography chalkboard menu template


Dollhouse Bakery Chalkboard Menu and White Board Menu Template Download

dollhouse bakery chalkboard menu and white board menu template download


Chalkboard Menu Download

chalkboard menu download 3


Chalkboard Menu Download

chalkboard menú download 4


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