How to Make a Jazz Flyer [10+ Templates]


As songs transition from the introduction of MP3s in the late 90’s, downloads have taken over the purchase of albums and physical music in general with fans moving from paid content to subscription music services (Spotify, anyone?). Despite the shift in consumer spending, the popularity of live music performance is unfazed as real-life experiences and seeing artists perform music in the flesh continue to draw crowds.

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Even if it’s something as big as a jazz artist gathering or an exclusive jazz gig, there’s arguably no better and cheaper way to market any music event than designing a flyer that would get people coming.

5 Steps to Design a Jazz Flyer

Step 1: Prioritize Typography

The layout should have one element in focus and in most cases, it should be the typography if it can’t be the image. Set the name of the gig or event in bold, large type and choose a typeface that makes the text stand out. Complete the trick by using contrasting font colors.

Step 2: Apply Visual Hierarchy

People have a short attention span that sometimes wouldn’t even last 15 seconds. Therefore, the information on your jazz flyer should be easily readable for concert-goers and fans. Rank elements in order of priority with the most important information emphasized in the layout. If you’re working on a design with a smaller copy, your graphics should use a single illustration or image as its focal point.

Step 3: Use The Past As Inspiration

Have you ever been to any of the popular music festivals during the summer? California’s Coachella and the Brits’ Glastonbury headline the most famous names in the music industry and both festivals have a history of rock n’ roll, jazz and blues, and great music experience. In the same way, you can use jazz music’s enduring and bittersweet past as inspiration if you’re struggling on where, to begin with, your design.

Step 4: Make The Medium The Message

Keep the audience intrigued and make them guess what else is in store for them at your jazz event. An element of surprise works every time as opposed to a design giving too much away or one that has its graphics cluttered. Saying more with less is a basic design principle that would always haunt you down if unheeded. One phrase in a well-designed type can make a huge difference than three images.

Step 5: Write Effectively

Marketing events by designing flyers are more about communicating a message to the target audience. You may have a phenomenal photograph of a jazz musician on the layout but without a compelling text, your audience wouldn’t know what you’re offering or what kind of jazz experience is waiting for them. Make sure that you’re able to write the most important details on that limited space to keep your audience informed.

10+ Jazz Flyer Templates

1. Jazz Concert Flyer Template

jazz concert flyer template Download

Are you looking to get your jazz event promoted and posted where people can view them easily as they pass in places such as bus stops, bulletin boards across town and main street walls? Look no further because the jazz flyer designs we have can be printed for that and other purposes if you want to reach a wide audience.

2. Jazz Party Flyer Template

jazz flyer template Download

Does your jazz fest require a traditional marketing campaign to reach the masses? Then waste no time and download this flyer that comes in different formats! You can also print as many copies as your event needs, to build the hype as the date of the festival comes near.

3. Jazz Music Event Flyer Template

jazz music event flyer template Download

If your flyer needs to have a lot of details included, the text should be the focus. This is doable with a catchy headline. Consider grouping other information into chunks such as the one we have on the flyer template above. Better yet, download this flyer or any jazz flyer template of your choice on this website to save time!

4. Jazz Event Flyer Template

flyer mockup jazzevent vera 0929171 Download

Bring back the smooth, sultry and relaxing vibe of the jazz age and add that concept to your layout. If it’s your first time designing a flyer, you can use the templates we have attached in this article as your guide or just edit and customize them according to what your event requires for the design.

5. Jazz Festival Flyer Template

flyer mockup jazzevent vera 092917 1 Download

Are you pressed for time completing a jazz flyer design on your own? There’s no need to panic because we’ve got you covered with a selection of the best flyer templates for your music event. You only have to download, edit and customize, then print and distribute your flyers to your intended audience.

6. Passionate Jazz Music Concert Flyer

jazz music concert flyer Download

Don’t be afraid to go vintage, giving a nod to the days of old jazz. Having a minimalist design using a photo of a jazz singer like the one we have on the sample flyer above works best for an intimate jazz concert. Even if it isn’t that exclusive, you can still use a simple design with close attention to the most important elements.

7. Jazz Concert Flyer

jazz concert flyer Download


8. Jazz Event Flyer

jazz event flyer Download

Will your event headline a local or national jazz artist? In that case, put that artist’s photo to the fore and make it pop in your flyer design. You may also find the jazz flyer above to be very helpful, so feel free to just download and then edit it as needed.

9. Jazz Festival Flyer

jazz festival flyer Download

Do you want to attract not only jazz but music fans in general to your jazz event? Increase your chances of effectively marketing the event by using any, some or all of the jazz flyer templates here, especially if you need to print en masse.

10. Jazz Flyer Sample

jazz flyer sample Download

Did you plan on a marketing campaign using flyers for your event? It doesn’t have to be as time-consuming and complicated as others have made it out to be. With the help of these flyer templates, you’re on your way to reaching a wide audience in spreading the word about that jazz concert.

11. Jazz Flyer Template

jazz flyer template1 Download

If you want to get your flyer design but are afraid to go overboard, then a flyer template is what you need to make sure you start right with the layout. You can always refer to, check or even use flyer templates to help you out, be it for customizing the design or making sure you have the key event information on your layout.

12. Retro Jazz Flyer

retro jazz flyer Download

Want to ditch the traditional color selection of flyer designs? Then go with a bold color palette such as the one used in this jazz flyer template. Just make sure that it goes with the type of event you’re having. For instance, loud, neon colors won’t really work well with an evening of straight-up jazz and blues.

It’s a challenge to get started on any flyer design and a jazz event flyer is probably double that challenge since you will have to think of bringing that old jazz feeling to graphics for people to connect to it. Fortunately, you’ll never run out of resources to get you started, not to mention that we have easy access to the tools required for nailing any flyer design.

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