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A conference invitation is the document given to people who are invited to attend a conference related to their field of studies of areas of expertise. It can be give to prospective conference attendees, stakeholders, sponsors, and conference speakers. It is very important to be careful in writing the details included in a conference invitation as it is where expectations will arise especially if you have included the program subjected to be followed during the conference.

We can give you samples of conference invitation templates if you need guides concerning the items that are needed to be placed in a conference invitation and the layout that can be used in a specific kind of conference invitation. We can also provide you with samples of invitation templates usable in different events, functions, programs, and other kinds of social gatherings.

Conference Invitation Sample Template


Annual Conference Invitation Template


Medical Conference Invitation Template



Business Conference Invitation Template



Conference Invitation Card Template



Free Conference Invitation Template



Guidelines in Creating a Medical Conference Invitation

In creating a medical conference invitation, here are a few guidelines that you may follow:

  • Be sure to identify the purpose of the medical conference. It can be for a discussion of a current medical situation or it can also be a conference where a professional in the medical field can share his or her research findings about particular medical conditions.
  • Let the prospective attendees know the kind of medical conference. They need to be aware of the discussions that will occur and the program flow of the medical conference so that they can assess whether it is aligned for their concerns regarding medical learning.
  • The target audience of the medical conference must also be specified. The attendees who are expected to attend must be aware if it is for students who want to learn about medical practices, for medical professionals who want to exchange knowledge about particular medical issues and concerns, or for a particular group or organization to spread awareness about a specific medical advocacy.

Other than our conference invitation templates, you may also be interested to download and use our meeting invitation templates for the specific purpose that it may serve.

Conference Email Invitation Template



Parent Teacher Conference Invitation Template



Press Conference Invitation Template



Inclusions of Business Conference Invitations

A business conference invitation states all the basic items that are needed to be known by those people who are expected to attend the specific conference. A few of the information that may be found in a business conference invitation are as follows:

  • The purpose of the business conference.
  • The theme of the business conference.
  • The topics that will be covered for discussion in the business conference.
  • The people who will serve as speakers and their achievements in the business industry.
  • The time, date and location of the business conference.

A business conference invitation is used for the following reasons:

  • It provides the basic information of the business conference.
  • It helps the people who are interested to know more about business processes and operations to look at the program of the business conference and see if it is what can provide informational support to their interest.
  • It spreads awareness about the business conference to be held which can help the event to gather more people.

If the samples that we have provided in this article are still not enough, you can browse more samples of conference invitation templates in the link provided.

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