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What could be the best place that people can just stay and relax without having to worry about anything? And no, we are not even referring to vacation destinations or those places that provide long-term accommodations. What we are referring to are those places wherein people can stay only for a short period of time. These places are known as lounges, an ideal place where people can stay for a few minutes to an hour to chill out, to wait for someone, or to simply allow the time to pass. You may also see price menus.

In relation to this, it could get quite boring for people to just spend time in one place without doing anything (though most lounges would provide sources of entertainment such as live music or television), so the ideal solution to this is by offering them with something to drink and eat. Aside from just being able to provide people with something to do while chilling out, this can also benefit the establishment by helping them make some profit. You may also see birthday menus.

And, that’s where menu cards come into play. We already know that menu cards contain a list of the products that are being offered, but for lounge menu cards, the products would contain mostly drinks and snack foods. If you’re planning on making your own menu cards for your lounge, we may just have what you need. Below is a collection of lounge menu card templates that we have gathered from the internet, and you are very much welcome to download any of them. If you want to see the design templates yourself, go ahead and scroll down. You may also see wedding menus.

Red Vertical Lounge Menu Card Template

loungemenu001 788x833

Let’s start with this very seductive lounge menu card template which uses a red and white color scheme. This vertically-long menu template is perfect for listing down beverages in one organized column, which helps in making the content very easy to read.

Dark Lounge and Bar Menu Template

loungemenu008 788x662

Next up is a lounge menu template that uses a dark color scheme to make the other elements stand out. For this template, both front and back sides are divided into two, with one division intended for the image and the other intended for the text. And to make the text easy to read, the font comes in white and is written over a solid, dark background. If you want to fully enjoy your freedom in making your design, you may check out our collection of blank menu templates.

Vintage Style Lounge Menu Template

loungemenu002 788x616

What is a Lounge Menu Card?

A lounge menu card is one that is used in restaurant, hotel, and cafe lounges. By definition, a lounge is a public place where people can sit, relax, and chill while waiting for something or someone. In usual lounges, their menu cards would usually consist of only a single page, with a list of beverages, finger foods or snacks, and some small meals. You may also see breakfast menus.

How is it Different from Other Menu Cards?

Unlike most menu cards, the one used in lounges have less content, though there are also some lounge menu cards that have a larger selection, but, these would rarely include large meals that would take a lot of time to prepare. Considering that a lounge is intended for waiting and is meant to have a relaxing environment, it makes sense that their menu cards would contain mostly beverages and not as much food as with restaurant menus.

To make things a lot easier, the best way to describe a lounge is by comparing it with a living room. When hanging out with friends in the living room, the intention is to relax, listen to music, or watch shows on the television, all while sipping on some drinks, and this is what you do in lounges. Restaurants, on the other hand, can be compared to the dining room, where it is more formal, actual meals are being served, and people socialize by simply talking to each other while eating.You may also see chalkboard menus.

From that comparison, you can already get a clearer picture on the content or what should be listed on menu cards in lounges, and how it needs to be different from those that are being used in cafes and restaurants. But, if you don’t see the relevance of menu cards, you may want to check out our article regarding the importance of menu cards in food services.

Clean Simple Lounge Menu Card Template

loungemenu010 788x590

Above is a lounge menu card that is very straightforward in design and contains only the text that lists the available food and drinks. The front side of this design template indicates the name of the establishment, and the days and time the establishment goes on business. The back side, on the other hand, is where the main content can be found, which is the list of all the dishes and beverages arranged in a very organized manner. You may also see vintage menus.

Artistic Red Lounge Menu Card Template

loungemenu004 788x925

Doodles Lounge Bar Menu Card Template

loungemenu005 788x880

Square Booklet Lounge Menu Template

loungemenu009 788x603

Here is a booklet type of lounge menu card that may probably interest you, and this type of menu card will be discussed below, so read about it to find out whether or not this would be the perfect type of menu for your lounge.

What are the Different Types/Styles of Menu Cards?

1. The Vertically Long Menu Card.

These unconventionally sized menu cards are tall and skinny, and would usually have a dimension of around 4 inches by 9 inches. The choice of shape for this type of menu card is intended to focus on the list of content as opposed to other types that contain various images of the dish or beverage. Though this type of menu card can still be incorporated with pictures, they will need to be scaled down considering the space provided. You may also see blank menus.

2. Mini Booklet Menu Card.

This will be a perfect type of menu card for you if you are trying to organize the content into different sections or categories. This type of menu card resembles a small catalog or magazine, with a list of all the dishes and beverages that are being offered by the establishment. Aside from being organized and easy to navigate, booklet menu cards will also allow you to incorporate multiple photos on the design to support the products being listed. You may also see trifold menus.

3. Square-Shaped Menu Card.

From the name itself, you will already have an idea as to what this type of menu card is shaped like. With a measurement ratio of 1:1, this type of menu card is indeed equal in both width and length. The reason for the use of this shape is not only for its uniqueness and its ability to stand out easily, but also it allows you to incorporate large-scale graphics along with the list of products. The common dimensions for square menu cards are 5.25 inches by 5.25 inches. You may also see scroll menus.

How to Make Your Menu Cards Stand Out?

When trying to make your menu cards eye-catching and worth reading, it would take a lot of attention towards the details and the presentation of the elements, which may become stressful at times. Thankfully, we have a list of guidelines below on how you might be able to pull this off. You may also see valentines menus.

1. Make sure to arrange the content of your menu logically. This means that regardless of the type or shape of the menu card that you are going for, the content should be organized in such a way that the readers won’t have a difficult time looking for what they need. You may also see spa menus.

2. Do you want your best sellers to be easily found? Place them somewhere that’s very obvious, only a dummy wouldn’t notice them right away. In businesses, there is absolutely no reason for keeping your most popular products a secret, you do want your products to sell, don’t you? Make sure that once a customer looks at the menu, the most prominent thing that they will be able to see are your best-selling dishes and drinks. You may also see kids menus.

3. In relation to the previous one, you will need to update your menu card if you need it. Take note of which food and drinks are highly sellable and bring it up to the top of the list so that they would become noticeable to the customers. On the other hand, if you notice products that are not selling very well, take it off the list and replace it with a new product. You may also see lunch menus.

4. Be mindful of the type and size of the font that you will be using, use one that is highly legible that even those with bad eyesight can see clearly and easily.

5. Proofread as often as possible while in the process of designing your menu cards. It is best to be sure that no grammar or spelling errors make it through the printing phase, you wouldn’t want to humiliate yourself or create a bad impression in front of your customers. You may also see rustic menus.

Luxurious Monochromatic Lounge Menu Card Template

loungemenu006 788x662

Above is a very minimalistic menu design template that is both highly creative and also easy to read. The front holds an artistic image with the logo of the establishment incorporated on the lower half. For the back side, all of the text is written inside a dark text box, and the font uses the color white in contrast with its background. On the bottom end of this text box, the color for the font and background are interchanged to make it easily distinguishable from the other contents. If you are intent on working with InDesign files, you may want to check out our collection of menu templates in InDesign format.

Minimalist Chalkboard Inspired Lounge Menu Template

loungemenu007 788x793

Mandala Inspired Lounge Bar Menu Template

loungemenu003 788x820

Before we begin to conclude this article on lounge menu templates, let’s dive into the details of why these design templates are really worth downloading. Let’s start with the sources behind these templates. We had to go through multiple reliable websites to find high-quality menu templates, and from those, we picked only the most impressive ones to assure you with design templates that will make your money’s worth. In addition to that, these lounge menu templates were made by some of today’s most skillful and most creative graphic artists. You may also see cafe menus.

The next quality to talk about is the design template’s editability, which is something that should be considered when it comes to downloading the pre-made design templates from the internet. Luckily, these templates are highly editable and you are allowed to make as many modifications as needed depending on your preferences. Additionally, you may also be allowed to isolate each element and modify them individually while keeping the rest of the elements unaltered, and these can be done while preserving the sharpness and resolution of the template regardless of the number of modifications applied. You may also see beer menus.

And, last but not the least is with regards to the amount that you will need to pay when you download any of these design templates. After reading the awesome qualities of our templates, you may already have the assumption that they will cost you a fortune. But, that is not the case with our templates, you can actually download them for a very reasonable fee. These menu templates are priced so reasonably that you can even say that you will be getting more than the amount that you will be paying. That said, it’s time for you to make your call. If you are already knowledgeable in the steps to creating menu cards, then start downloading a design template now.

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