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If there’s one ingredient that is prominently found in Italian dishes, it is tomatoes, and this could either be in the form of tomato sauce, paste, or ketchup. Tomato is present in so many Italian foods which include but are not limited to pizza, spaghetti, lasagna, arancini, and milanese. For one thing, tomatoes help a lot in adding a sweet and sour flavor for the dish, and it also makes the dish a lot healthier. You may also see menu card templates.

Italian people know very well how to make their dishes both healthy and tasty, and they do this with very minimal use of artificial preservatives. Italian cooks believe in the use of natural ingredients that according to food etiquette, it would be an insult to them if a customer asks for condiments since it would only mean that the food isn’t satisfying. You may also see restaurant menu templates.

Italian Menu Template

italian restaurant menu template1
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Italian Food Menu Template

italian food menu template
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Italian Restaurant Menu Template

italian restaurant menu template
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Free Italian Menu

free italian menu Free Download

Whether you are an Italian cook, a professional chef who specializes in preparing Italian dishes, or just someone who owns an establishment that serves Italian delicacies, then you may find this article very useful. If, indeed, you are running an Italian themed cafe or restaurant, then check out our collection of food menu templates and designs below. Many of these templates follow a design which is commonly seen in or outside Italian food establishments, and these menu designs are commonly chalkboard themed. These menu templates have been gathered from all over the internet so you won’t have to, go check them out below.

Luxurious Vintage Italian Food Menu Template

luxurious vintage italian food menu template 788x700

If you are looking for an Italian menu template that would work regardless of the theme of your establishment, then the template above may save you the stress. With this template, you don’t need to worry about anything aside from changing the list of dishes to something that would match the ones served in your restaurant.

Grand Minimalist Italian Food Menu Template

grand minimalist italian food menu template 788x928

If you prefer a cleaner look for your food menu, then you may want to consider using the restaurant menu design template above. This template splits the entire design into two halves in order to accommodate more dishes. Additionally, the dishes are divided into sections such as soups, salads, and the main platters. Ideally, these sections serve to help customers in finding certain dishes.

Chalkboard Flat Illustrations Italian Menu Template

chalkboard flat illustrations italian menu template 788x794

Do you want to use a chalkboard-inspired background and flat-themed illustrations? You can have the best of both world with this chalkboard menu template. As you can see from the sample image above, each entry actually has corresponding illustrations instead of actual photos of the dishes, and this helps make the design look more artistic and fun. This would be an ideal template for cafes, wherein the selection of dishes are limited to not more than ten, because beyond that number could risk the design to look cluttered.

Rustic Spiral Background Italian Menu Template

rustic spiral background italian menu template 788x959

At first glance on this design template, it may seem like any other rustic-themed menu template. But if you take a closer look at it, the background is actually comprised of a pattern of spiral lines. This would be a great menu template for high-class Italian restaurants because the color scheme and the rustic look make up for an elegant and luxurious-looking food menu.

Bellissimo Modern Italian Menu Template

bellissimo modern italian menu template 788x696

The Italian word bellissimo actually translates to wonderful or beautiful, which is very applicable to the menu template seen above. Nothing else can be said about this modern template except for beautiful, mouthwatering, and eye-catching. Additionally, this template is highly versatile, which means that establishments that serve other types of dishes may still be allowed to use this for designing their food menu.

Wooden Themed Italian Food Menu Template

wooden themed italian food menu template 788x848

Commonly, we see small-time food establishments use food menus printed on paper and fasten them on either a clipboard, a hard plastic folder, or anything that is firm enough to hold a sheet of paper. This is a lot cheaper to make even if the cafe chooses to change their lineup of dishes regularly. Some big-time restaurants take inspiration from these designs and use them for their own food menu. As you can see from the food and drink menu template above, it closely resembles those used in cafes with its wooden support and the ribbons on the corner to seemingly hold the sheet of paper in place.

Rustic Chalkboard Italian Pizza Menu Template

rustic chalkboard italian pizza menu template 788x631

Creative Doodles Italian Food Menu Template

creative doodles italian food menu template 788x845

If you’re already fed up with the traditional booklet or single-paged flyer-like format for food menus, then you may want to consider making your menus brochure-styled. For the template shown above, the food menu resembles a tri-fold brochure, and this format enables you to organize your list of dishes effectively. As you can see from the image above, each division of the brochure is designated for a specific food category, and this helps customers easily find the food that they are longing to eat.

Colorful Chalk Illustrations Italian Menu Template

colorful chalk illustrations italian menu template 788x760

Colorful Summer Italian Food Menu Template

colorful summer italian food menu template 788x1075

Summer is fast approaching, so why not incorporate the theme of the season on your food menu design? With the template above, you can. The color scheme used on this design is simply perfect for the season, with all the greens and yellows which resemble trees and the sun, respectively. Download and use this template to make your food menu, and who knows? People might even realize that vegetable salad is the perfect food to eat while preparing their body for the summer season. For a similar kind of template, also check out our collection of salad menu templates.

Simple Chalkboard Themed Italian Menu Template

simple chalkboard themed italian menu template 788x675

Chalkboard Style Italian Pizza Menu Template

chalkboard style italian pizza menu template 788x969

Pizza? What could absolutely go wrong with pizza? It’s like the Italian counterpart for America’s hamburgers. They could either have meat or not, they could also be either sinful or also healthy, and they are loved by a lot of people, and we do mean A LOT. Which is why if you’re establishing your own Italian restaurant, then never ever not include pizza on the menu. You know what’s better? Putting images of pizza on the front cover of your menu, just like the minimalist pizza menu design above.

Creative Bi-Fold Italian Pizzeria Menu Template

creative bi fold italian pizzeria menu template 788x991

Vintage Style Italian Restaurant Menu Template

vintage style italian restaurant menu template 788x1075

Italian Flag Themed Restaurant Menu Template

italian flag themed restaurant menu template 788x788

The Italian flag consists of the color green, white, and red, and whether or not you are an Italian, if you love the country so much, why not show people how much you love it? For the cafe menu template above, the color scheme follows the one on the flag, and the rest of the details are pretty self-explanatory. And as you can see, this food menu template comes in a landscape or horizontal orientation, which is why it is best that you create columns and manage the space provided properly to make your food menu easy to read.

Pasta Italian Food Menu Template

sumptuous pasta italian food menu template 788x1075

Vector Based Italian Cafe Menu Template

vector based italian cafe menu template 788x788

Simple Typographic Italian Pizza Menu Template

simple typographic italian pizza menu template 788x680

Most food menus have a particular size ratio, they could either be in a portrait orientation, or they could also be in a landscape orientation. But what if you create a food menu with a length that’s the same as the width? In short, why not make your food menu square-shaped? This way, you will have a large enough space vertically and horizontally for your list of dishes. When it comes to designs, you don’t always have to do the same thing others are doing if you want your design to stand out.

Creative Vintage Italian Food Menu Template

creative vintage italian food menu template 788x700

Brick Wall Italian Flag Food Menu Template

brick wall italian flag food menu template 788x911

Probably the most authentic form of cooking pizza is using the brick oven, and many Italian restaurants still recreate this method even with the existence of the more modern and convenient cooking tools. The reason why this is still being used is that according to them, it brings out a more natural and smokey flavor to the pizza, which is something that could not be achieved with gas ovens. The pizza menu template above is just like the food itself, it consists of different layers which starts with the brick surface and ends with the sheet of paper where the list of dishes and drinks are written.

Chalkboard Background Italian Menu Template

chalkboard background italian menu template 788x652

Put functionality first before creativity, which is the main focus of this restaurant menu template. The design on this template is inspired by those food menus placed either on the windows or outside food establishments in Italy. Those food menus place more emphasis on being functional and effective than being attractive, but it doesn’t entirely mean that they look uninteresting. As you can see from the image above, the design leans more towards simplicity, and this forces readers to focus more on the relevant contents of the menu.

Beautiful Rustic Italian Cafe Menu Template

beautiful rustic italian cafe menu template 788x804

Do more to your food menus than just list down dishes and beverages. When people go through your food menu, let them feel as if they are going through a travel flyer or brochure that showcases some of Italy’s best-known attractions. With the template above, you can use one side for the list of dishes, and the other for a collage of photos featuring not only Italian food, but also some tourist spots. If you choose to use this menu template, native Italians would probably feel comfortable, as if they are home.

Green Orange Italian Food Menu Template

green orange italian food menu template 788x1075

If you want to use a chalkboard theme for your food menu but want to add more colors to it, then the template above may be a good choice. The color scheme used for this template is heavily inspired by the Italian flag, though the white and red colors of the flag are substituted with black and orange, respectively. For the graphical and textual elements on this template, they are both drawn and written in white to make them distinguishable from its background.

Before we wrap things up, what did you think of the menu templates that you have just seen? Were you able to find the design that works best for your restaurant or cafe? From the huge collection of menu list templates that we have shown you, we assume that at least one design captured your interests. You have got nothing to lose with our menu templates, we guarantee a win-win scenario for you. Why is that? Because we know that each one of these menu templates have exceptional quality.

These Italian menu templates were designed by professional graphic artists from all over the world who have had a lot of experience in this field and know very well how to draw people’s attentions. That alone can already assure you that our templates can help you save a lot of time and effort in beautifying your menu design in order to make it as eye-catching as possible. Since these templates are already halfway finished, all that’s required from you is to modify the text and the images of the dishes, if applicable.

In relation to that last sentence, these menu templates are fully editable, and you may even be able to isolate each element and edit them individually. But for you to be able to do that, you need to have the right editing tool for the format that you have downloaded. Which means if you have downloaded a PSD template, then you will need to use Adobe Photoshop or GIMP for that. On the other hand, if you chose to download a vector-based template, then you will need to use Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.

If you have fully decided on downloading from our collection of menu templates for Italian restaurants, go ahead, don’t worry about the costs because these templates have been priced very reasonably. These templates are highly inexpensive that you could download them and not break your budget, and that is a guarantee. Now that we got those concerns covered, point your mouse cursor where it should be and click on that download button.

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