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Wedding Kissing Menu

One of the highlights of any wedding ceremony is the bride and groom’s kiss. However, most guests just cannot get enough of this couple gesture that they want to see it again and again during the wedding reception. So couples and wedding planners who want to jazz up their wedding reception timeline with a silly yet fun game can now use printed kissing menu cards and strategically place this on their guests’ tables.

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In this article, we have included different examples of printable kissing menu templates that any couple may use for their own wedding. Tips on how to choose your wedding menu template design are also provided below. Read on…

What is a Kissing Menu?

Contrary to what most people would think, a kissing menu is not something offered by a sordid dining establishment or the likes. And unless you work in the wedding industry or have attended your fair share of weddings within your lifetime, you will not know what a kissing menu is. You may also see free menu templates.

Actually, a kissing menu is a printed list of different things to do that wedding guests need to accomplish before the newly-married couple agrees to show off their love for each other through a kiss. It is called a kissing menu since the printed card will reflect a list of tasks and the corresponding level or kind of kiss that the couple will do. It is perhaps also referred as a ‘menu’ since this printed wedding stationery is placed on the each guests’ table on the reception venue.

Just like regular wedding menu cards, kissing menus will also typically follow the theme or motif used on the other wedding stationaries. It is an unwritten rule that the harder, funnier, and most embarrassing the task that the guests have to perform, the more intimate the kind of kiss the newlyweds have to do.

Check Out These Downloadable Kissing Menus

As promised, we have collected fifteen printable kissing menu card templates that any couple may use for their own wedding reception party. Most of the digital template files below are available either as Photoshop, PDF, or Illustrator templates. Make sure that you have a compatible software program installed on your computer before you purchase any of the pre-made templates embedded below.

Why Use Wedding Kissing Menus?

Let’s admit it. Not all weddings are created equal. And no matter how much you think that weddings should mainly be about the couple and their union, that is not always the case unless you elope and get married in Las Vegas. If you are planning a traditional wedding attended by both sides of the family along with friends and colleagues, you should make sure to plan for a wedding reception party or at least a gathering of different people.

In addition, couples would almost always want their weddings to be a fun and enjoyable memory for themselves. And there’s no better way to do that than to make sure that you have prepared for a wedding reception party. And one way to do this is by having games during the wedding ceremony.

If you are still on the fence about the appropriateness of incorporating a kissing menu for your wedding reception event, check out this list of practical reasons why it would make sense to use them.

  • 1. They serve as an ice-breaker.

    Kissing menus used for weddings mainly serve as an icebreaker for guests and between the guests and the newlyweds. When done right, the kissing menu card can include tasks that will ask guests who sit on the same table to work together in preparing for a specific task. For example, a kissing menu item may ask guests sitting at the same table to sing a serenade for the couple. This will help the guests acquaint each other and choose a song to sing together.

  • 2. They help lighten the mood.

    Another advantage of using kissing menus is that they help lighten the mood of the entire wedding reception party. This is especially helpful if the couple has chosen to follow a traditional wedding ceremony that could have been long and boring. When the couple and their guests reach the wedding reception venue, they can rely on the presence of the kissing menus as a way to bring levity to the event. Remember that weddings should always be fun for both the couple and their guests.

Wedding Identity Menu


Vintage Wedding Set


Floral Typography Kissing Menu Card Template

  • 3. They appropriate for guests of any age.

    If you are worried about having an inappropriate game for your wedding reception, you really should not. A kissing menu template can be modified to match the couple’s preferences and their guests’ sensibilities. For instance, you can edit the kissing menu template and make sure only wholesome tasks are asked of the guests. The newlyweds can also make sure that they only give each other wholesome kisses if they are worried about having children and conservative older relatives present during the wedding reception.

    But more often than not, the smaller kids and the older guests invited to weddings tend to go home early or even skip the reception. This will give the couple and their same-age guests to indulge a little and go all out on their kissing menu list tasks.

  • 4. They help fill up the event timeline.

    Incorporating a kissing menu into your wedding reception can also help fill up the event timeline. Having a packed reception schedule of activities is better than having large swathes of time not doing anything during a wedding. Situations like this can often lead to your guests feeling bored and they may have to leave the event early. Check out this article for more information on how to design your own party invitation cards.

    To prevent this from occurring, you need to keep your guests engaged. They need something to do and focus their energies on. For example, kissing menu task that asks them to team up with their table mates and sing a song for the couple can be a good idea.

    Often, the usual timeline of a wedding reception event can easily become too common. So if you want to have a unique list of events for your wedding reception, adding a kissing menu in will definitely make it more memorable.

  • 5. They do not cost much to create.

    Another advantage of incorporating a kissing menu on your wedding reception is that they only cost a few dollars to print out. And since you are already using other wedding stationery designs like wedding place cards and table numbers, you can easily substitute or throw in a kissing menu card on the list.

    In addition, you do not need to print out many wedding kissing menu cards. A safe number to print out would be the total number of wedding tables you will have. This way all your guests will be able to see the kissing menu as soon as they sit down on their assigned tables.

    So those are the top five advantages why it makes sense to use kissing menu templates for any wedding reception. If you feel like you need to boost the celebratory atmosphere for your wedding reception party, do not hesitate to use any of the printable card templates found in this list article.

Maroon Flower Lettering Kissing Menu Card Template

List of Possible Task for a Kissing Menu Card

As we have mentioned earlier, kissing menu cards help make any wedding reception event or party a merrier and more memorable event. A simple printable card can accomplish that especially if you (or your wedding planner) carefully think of the tasks that you want your wedding guests to do before they get to witness the newlyweds kiss again. (And no, clinking glasses is not included in this list as it so old school)

To make your life easier, we have compiled a short list of this tasks below:

  • Serenade the couple.
  • Tell a story about how you met the couple.
  • Tell an embarrassing childhood story about the couple.
  • Do a funny dance.
  • Or just dance any dance you know!
  • Give marriage advice.
  • Do a charade.
  • Another couple demonstrates a kiss that the newlyweds should follow.
  • Do a comedy skit – preferably one impersonating the newlyweds.

Simple Wedding Kissing Menu Printable Template

The Wedding Kissing Game Postcard Menu Template

The Best Kissing Menu Template

The best kissing menu design is the one that includes tasks where all the wedding guests and the newlyweds participates in and enjoys their time while doing it. The menu template design will not really matter aside from its aesthetic value. What is important is how engaged and how much fun everyone has during the wedding reception party or after-party.

Remember to use the different downloadable kissing menu templates above as a guide for you to create a complementary kissing menu card design on your wedding guests’ tables. But it will be up to you (or your wedding planner) on what specific task you want your wedding guests to do for them to witness your lovey-dovey couple kisses.

For future reference, do not forget to bookmark this article. You may also share it through social media and help spread the word about the website. Also, remember to send your guests a wedding guest thank you note afterward! (For more information on what to write on a wedding thank you card, check out the linked article.)

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