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5+ Donation Envelope Templates – PSD

A donation envelope is the material where a donation, usually in monetary value, is placed. There are many ways that a donation envelope may be presented depending on the activity’s reason of raising funds and the entity to whom the donation will be beneficial. It may also vary depending on the body of organization that is requesting for donations.

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We can provide you with samples of donation envelope templates if you will be needing one for the fundraising and other non-profit activities that you are currently involved in which needs the use of donation envelopes. Other than that, we also have a variety of samples of Printable Envelope Templates usable in different purposes and functions.

School Donation Envelope Template


Free Printable Donation Envelope Template


Inclusions of a Donation Envelope

A basic donation envelope should have the following details to be filled up by the entity who will give a donation:

  • The amount of the gift donation
  • If applicable, the options that a donor may choose from regarding a longer period of help lending
  • The pledge that a donor promises to provide and the time duration in which donations will be provided
  • The transaction and process of sending the pledges
  • The name of the donor
  • The address of the donor
  • The contact information of the donor which may either be his or her contact number, e-mail address, or both
  • The kind of donation made and the purpose where the donation will be used
  • The donation form which may either be cash or check

Importance of a Donation Envelope

A donation envelope is deemed necessary to be used and considered as an important item in a donation transaction for the following reasons:

  • It allows the entity who will receive the donation to know the person who gave the particular donation. With this, tracking the donor will be easier and it can also provide a more organized and comprehensive record listing.
  • Donation envelopes help in assuring that the correct person will be thanked for the donation that he or she has made.
  • Using a donation envelope makes it easier to counter check the amount of money being collected and to itemize the amount that will be used either for the purpose that the donor wants it to be used or the free will of the entity on which activity it will be placed.

Other than our samples of donation envelope templates, we also have other samples of Envelope Templates available for download as well.

Church Donation Envelope Template


College Donation Envelope Template


Charity Donation Envelope Template


Volunteer Donation Envelope Template

Kinds of Donation Envelopes

As said, donation envelopes vary depending on the variables that are involved in its usage. Here are a few samples of donation envelopes used in a variety of purposes:

  • School donation envelopes are used to safe keep donations that are given to provide the basic needs of students. It can be a project of the school or it can also be a part of the program of an academic organization.
  • Volunteer donation envelopes are primarily used to hold the gathered funds that will help in various volunteering activities and to sustain the programs that are already being implemented.
  • Church donation envelopes are used to individually contain the money that will collectively be used to provide the needs of the church be it for maintenance, mission, or worship venue improvement and beautification.
  • College donation envelopes are used to contain the monetary donation that can help a scholar to continue his or her studies.
  • Charity donation envelopes vary depending on the charitable activity where the money being donated and placed in it will be used.

Aside from our samples of donation envelope templates, you may want to view our downloadable samples of A7 Envelope Templates as well.

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