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Your letter or card delivery is always incomplete when you send it without an envelope. The envelope renders so many things for a message or declaration or invitation- a feel of courtesy, mark or respect and sense of privacy. You know that your message is secured and untouched by anybody other than the desired receiver when you send it within an envelope. Envelopes come in a wide range of styles and sizes. There are envelope templates that enable you to make your own envelope template conveniently.

envelope template

Envelope Format

Envelope formats can be mostly of two distinct types, depending on the seal flap. There are Open End options where the opening & seal flap is located on short dimensions. Another format is Open Side where that flap is on long dimension. Depending on flap styles, envelope formats could be pointed, commercial wallet or square.

Envelop Template Format Free Download

envelop template format free download

Vector EPS Envelop Template Download

envelop template premium download

PSD Envelop Template – Find Here JPG Envelop Template – See Here

Envelope Sample

An envelope sample usually follows two main types. One is the US envelope sample which is also known as Standard. The Standard sample follows different designs such as Commercial, Announcement, Baronial, Booklet & Catalog. The other one is ISO metric envelope that is followed in Europe & different other areas of the globe.

Sample Envelop Template Free Download

sample envelop template free download

Envelop Template in Detailed Illustration

envelop template in detailed illustration

Sample Envelop Mockup – See Here PSD Envelop Mockup Bundel – Find Here

Printable Envelope Template

Envelope is a must-have when you have to send a greeting or letter or written declaration to anybody. It assures privacy to your message and also renders a desired formal aura. Messages sent without envelopes do not convey proper respect to the receiver. You can make your own envelope with online printable envelope template.

Printable Envelop Template Free Download

printable envelop template free download

Printable Envelop Template Download

free printable envelop template download

Printable PSD Envelop Template – Find Here Printable Envelop Free Download

Free Printable Envelope Template

A letter or card sent without envelope looks bare and shows lack of courtesy on part of the sender. Thus, it’s always essential to ensure a proper envelope for your written notes, messages, cards or invitations. You won’t need to buy envelopes always as there are free printable envelope template options online.

Free Printable Square Envelop Template Download

free printable square envelop template download

Printable Free Money Envelop Template

printable free money envelop template

Free Printable Master Envelop Download

Red Envelope Template

Red envelopes are mostly meant for romantic messages since the crimson hue signifies the intense passion of love. These free envelopes are also used to forward happy invitations, say for a wedding or marriage anniversary and even birthdays. If you don’t want to buy a red envelope or have no time to go to a store, use a red envelope template for your DIY envelope.

Vector EPS Red Envelop Template Download

vector eps red envelop template download

Vector Illustration of Red Envelope – Find Here

A7 Envelope Template

A7 envelopes can be defined as multipurpose envelopes. The a7 envelope template features a dimension of 5 ¼” by 7 ¼” and you will find these free templates in wide assortment of colors and envelope styles. These are the best envelopes for social & announcement functions as well as different invitation purposes.

Pink Colour A7 Envelop Template

pink colour a7 envelop template

A7 Envelop Template Download

a7 envelop template download

A7 PSD Envelop Template – Find Here

A2 Envelope Template

A2 envelope carries a dimension of 4 3/8” by 5 ¾”. It’s a perfect coverage for your letters & accommodates a quarter-fold paper sheet. You can use A2 envelope template for social & invitation-type envelopes as well as RSVP & announcements- added to the standard holiday cards & home made greeting cards.

A2 PSD Envelop Template Download

a2 psd envelop template download

PSD Designed Envelop Template – Find Here JPG Envelop Template – See Here

Christmas Envelope Template

A Christmas envelope template is a must to prepare envelopes easily for whole basket of Christmas greetings that you meticulously send each Christmas to all your friends and family members all around the world. These are often brightly colored, especially in red, as a tribute to the dear old Santa.

Vector EPS Christmas Envelop Template Download

vector eps christmas envelop template download

Beautiful Christmas Envelope Template Download

beautiful christmas envelope template download

Fabulous Christmas Envelop – Find Here Beautiful Christmas Envelop – See Here

5×7 Envelope Template

A 5×7 envelope template mostly refers to the A7 envelopes which can be used for sending mostly social and formal messages. It could be some announcement by your company that you wish to send to all your employees -or your wedding invitation you are looking to pass on to your friends or family.

5×7 PSD Envelop Template

x7 psd envelop template

Handmade 5×7 Envelope Template Download

handmade 5x7 envelope template download

Amazing 5×7 Envelope Template – Find Here Cute 5×7 Envelope Envelop Download Here

Envelope Liner Template

If you are looking to add an extra special touch to your otherwise plain envelope, an envelope liner template would be really handy for you. The envelope lines are the glossy or designer additions for inner envelope foil and are available in gold lining, graphite shimmer and bold sophisticated shades.

Vector EPS Envelope Liner Template Download

vector eps envelope liner template download

PSD Envelope Liner Template Download

psd envelope liner template download

Envelope Liner PSD Template – Find Here Red Coloured Envelope Liner Template Download

Word Envelope Template

The Microsoft word envelope is the most common format used for making envelopes. All possible sizes and formats of envelopes are available here. Be it A2, A7, or A4, you get all types of customizable envelopes here in the microsoft document format. Not only that, you can also further customize your template by attaching a logo of your own.

Word Envelop Template Free Download

word envelop template free download

Square Envelop Template Word Free Download

square envelop template word free download

Envelope Address Template

When you have to send your letter or card or invitation by post, you have to be very proper with the envelope address. The receiver’s address is placed in the middle of the envelope back, preceded by sender’s address at the top left corner. In case you need guidance on proper format of envelope address, take to an envelope address template.

Envelope Address Vector EPS Template Download

envelope address vector eps template download

EPS Envelope Address Template Download

eps envelope address template download

Adressing an Envelop – See Here

Business Envelope Template

Business envelopes are mostly #10 with a dimension of 4 1/8″ x 9 1/2″. Most of the business envelope template samples follow a commercial style and are meant for sending your corporate invitations, stationery or brochure. However, some of the businesses also use #9 envelopes. You will find business envelopes with inner liner as well.

Business Envelope Template Download

business envelope template download

Business Envelope Template

business envelope template

Business Envelope Template – Find Here

Gift Card Envelope Template

A gift card is a popular gift for every occasion today and a gift card envelope assures a nice stylish coverage for it. The gift card envelope template is usually for mini envelopes to hold the little gift cards and come up with wide range of colors as well as attractive designs.

Vector EPS Gift Card Envelope

vector eps gift card envelope

Friends EPS Gift Card Envelope

friends eps gift card envelope

Christmas Gift Card Envelope – Find Here

CD & DVD Envelope Template

Your CDs and DVDs are delicate items and hence need optimum protection from dents, scratches, fingerprints & other damages. Thus, one should always carry or send the CD or DVDs in proper envelopes that offer full coverage for the discs. A cd & dvd envelope template is designed with a transparent cellophane circle in the middle so that you can see CD title.

PSD CD & DVD Envelope Template

psd cd dvd envelope template

CD & DVD Photoshop Envelope Template

cd dvd photoshop envelope template

Envelope label Template

When you have to send several letters by post, it’s tiresome to label each of them one by one. But not to worry as there are envelope label template stickers today for both sender’s address and receiver’s address- which you can customize and easily stick on to each of your envelopes.

Envelope Label Template

envelope label template

Envelope Label Template EPS Format

envelope label template eps format

More Free Templates Download

Envelope 10 Template

envelope 10 template

Envelope Word Template

envelope word template

Custom Envelope Template

custom envelope template

Tithe Envelope Template

tithe envelope template

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