12+ Best Collection of Flat UI Designs

flat ui designs

The Flat UI Designs have officially become the new and raging trend in the digital sphere. With the subtle use of drop shadows, textures and gradients, the Flat UI Designs work very well with solid colours, clean and balanced layouts and sharp typography. With the growing popularity of this minimalist approach to design, we have created a list of top flat UI Kits for graphic designers that will work extremely well with a number of interfaces.

Flat APP UI Design

Mobile App UI Design PSD


Flat UI Music App

Flat UI Music App Design

This high-quality music app interface is readily available for use and looks equally stunning across several mobile platforms. The sharp use of colour and shadows make the design perfect in its appearance.

Flat UI Android App


Comprising of a number of Flat UI button designs, the file is easy to edit and consists of several well organised layers and free Google fonts.

Flat Mobile App Design

Flat Mobile App Design

The flat mobile application interface design comes with a non-complicated appearance and a balanced layout. The design can be implemented to a wide nature of mobile applications.

Flat Web UI Design

Outdoor Advertising Flat UI  WebDesign


Flat UI Kit Web Design


Flat UI Travel Website Design


This travel website design carries a crisp, clear and well-balanced layout. The brilliant blend of shadows and impressive typography makes the website pleasing to the common eye. The colour contrast further supports the lucid design.

Flat UI Landing Page Design

Flat UI Landing Page Design

This landing page design does a brilliant job with the usage of two subtle colours, white and blue. The design gives the reader plenty amount of breather space making the design breathy and well dispersed.

Flat Mobile UI Design

Flat Mobile UI Design Kit


Flat Mobile User Interface Design


IOS Flat UI Design

IOS Flat UI Design

This IOS Flat UI Design is best suited for developers and iOS apps designers. The blocks, galleries and other elements can be easily combined and scaled. The styles, colour and dimension make the design professional and sophisticated in its appearance.

Flat Android UI Design PSD


This admin panel dashboard design is easy to edit and customise as per the requirement.

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