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For the web designers who aim at making the online experience of users interesting and very easy, the UI and UX templates which are available for free or paid download are great ways to make the website. Using the UI UX design principles you can make several kinds of websites like high and low fidelity ones, sketch based, usability tested ones and other and can be sure that they have a desired degree of user friendliness. .... Read More

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17 Beautifully Animated Loaders and Spinners

User interface (UI) design is all about keeping it simple and clean without compromising the overall flow of how a system works. The UI Design is concerned with the visual elements and the total look. Some UI designers opt for simplistic UI elements while there are others who go an extra mile to beautifully showcase their designs. But, just because there are some who choose simplicity, it does not mean that they would go for a totally plain look. It never hurts to have a few minor animations to spice things up, and some of those minor animations are loaders and spinners.

5 UI Design Tutorials to Try Out

Just a few years ago, if anyone wanted to learn how to use animation in web and UI design, they needed to enroll in computer science or design courses in a school or university. But now, anyone can register online for a course at their own leisure without having to go to school for it.

Role of Animations in Web and UI Design

During the early days of the World Wide Web, one of the fanciest things website owners could do to spice up their posts or websites was to incorporate flash logos in their design. But the days of Flash-based animation that used to clutter webpages all over the Internet is long over. Today, websites rely on more subtle ways to breathe life into web and mobile properties across the Internet. In this short article, we explore the different ways that animation impacts modern-day user interface (UI) engineering and web design.

12+ Best Collection of Flat UI Designs

The Flat UI Designs have officially become the new and raging trend in the digital sphere. With the subtle use of drop shadows, textures and gradients, the Flat UI Designs work very well with solid colours, clean and balanced layouts and sharp typography. With the growing popularity of this minimalist approach to design, we have created a list of top flat UI Kits for graphic designers that will work extremely well with a number of interfaces.

18+ Fantastic Flat Mobile User Interface Designs

In the past, designers used to follow the trend of packing sites with flashy illustrations and animations with the sole motive to amaze the visitors. But nowadays, the trend has shifted to a more minimalist and clean approach and that is how the flat design trend has emerged. Flat design opposes the cluttered design techniques, and rather it is more simplified and aesthetically pleasing. You can also see Dashboard UI Templates.