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41+ Android App Designs with Beautiful Interface

These days many people are developing their Android apps and making them available to general users through the Google Play Store. You can find apps for books, eCommerce, shopping, food ordering, events, videos, fitness, grocery, and much more. Unlike before, developing an app is not a difficult task anymore. Even a novice can conduct an Android app development project by using templates with source code in Android Studio or other similar platforms. With Android app design templates on your side, you can create signup pages, data dashboards, chat apps, and more for Android OS in no time. We have listed out the best Android app design templates that can help you in creating different types of apps across different categories

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> Creating The Perfect App Using Android Design Templates

Android apps are making the rounds these days. With the popularity of Android-based smartphones increasing by the day, there has been a flurry of modernized apps being developed for this interface. Surf through the Google Play store and you will find the widest range of Android smartphone app designs, free to download as well paid premium options availability. Developing apps, designing templates, and restricting the interface never look difficult anymore. Using the free Android app templates, it becomes extremely easy to develop useful apps for this interface. It takes minimal time to get the layout designed using the android layout templates.

There are lots of android app design templates free download available to develop the best of website.

Behance Material Design Android App


Google Grid App Designs


ICQ Redesign iOS app concept

Konvene Studio Ticket App Design


WhatsApp Redesign

Basic Android Phone Cleaner App Design


Basic Android Event App Design Template


Delivery Shopping Card App Design


Destiny Portal Game App Design


Circle Creative Website Design


Design of Rich Beach App



Harman Kardon Controller App Design


Dashboard MakerBot Thingiverse Android App


Unknow Planet Weather Widget App Design


MP3 Music Application Design


MX – Mobile UI Kit

Food Ordering Signup App Template

It is a user-friendly app that lets you create an easy-to-use food app to showcase marvelous food items. It can be fully customized to display recipes of various kinds of cuisines, desserts

Radio Tuner UI Kit

The app template that we have got here features a single PSD file for developing a radio tuner app. The elements and styles of this template can be modified completely. The app can be resized to suit Android devices with different resolutions.

Recipes Grocery App

Personal Development Portfolio App

Here is an app template that comes with manifold features for creating a personal portfolio. It is available for Android devices that support 720 x 1280 pixels. It comes with 18 PSD files that can be easily modified.

Ringtones App

This template allows you to make various ringtone apps that suit your taste in music. Through it, you can make ringtone apps such as OST ringtones, scary ringtones, and whatnot. It can be quickly customized. You can also create notifications and alarm tones through it.

News Application

This news app template has been developed in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. All the objects and layers can be easily edited and resized according to the preference of the user.

Weather Application

The high-resolution template can let you create your very own weather app. It is fully resizable and comes with vector icons. The neat layout of all the elements makes it a very attractive weather app.

Android Flat UI Template

Applying a design to the app is one of the issues faced by most Android app developers. This template here provides its users with three template apps, six custom user interface controls, and seven predefined colors. It supports swiping and custom effects.

Chat Project Android App Template

Want to build a powerful chatting and note-making app? This template presents you with a very user-friendly chat layout and

New Mp3 Music App

Available for both iOS and Android OS, this template comes with 7 PSD files and 30 exclusive music-related icons. The color of the app can be edited according to your preference. The clean interface of the app can deliver the best user experience.

Ecommerce Login Page App

It comes with a login page where users can enter their user name and password. If they do not have an account, they log in through Facebook or Google Account. Other account-related options include Want New Account and Forgot Password.

City Guide

It is an app template that can let you build a navigation app-based GPS feature of the handset. It can help the user find places like restaurants, banks, ATMs, petrol stations, etc within his vicinity. It comes with step by step assistance guide to help you build this app.

Online Book Supermarket Application

It features smart object icons, a user-friendly and clutter-free user interface, amazing color schemes, and well-organized PSDs. Develop a supermarket app today using templates to attract your customers through their smartphones.

Tablet Magazine

This amazing tablet magazine app can help you in creating a highly professional magazine with various editable layouts and design elements. All the 42 pages of this template can be customized to develop any kind of magazine.

Taxi Template

Building your location-based app is easy with this spectacular app template. It allows you to build a customized app to display the location of the user and comes with important features like search and chat.

Restaurant App

This app template presents you with a perfect platform for building a restaurant app featuring a categorized menu. Other valuable features include social media and Google Maps integration. It comes with a stunning user interface design.

Fitness Stopwatch and Timer App

You can develop your very own stopwatch and timer app that has a distinctive appeal using this template. It has numerous buttons, stopwatches, and clocks that you can choose from to create an exclusive design. It includes six PSD templates.

Electronic Calculator Interface

The app template presents you with all the necessary elements that you need to build an electronic calculator. It comes with two PSD files and the design, text, and font of the app can be customized completely.

Blogsway App for your Blogger Blog Layout


Virtual Video Keyboard with Source Code

It is an Android app design template that lets you create a user-friendly virtual keyboard for Android and iOS powered smartphones and tablets. It features two-color schemes, 38 keys, and one PSD file.

Real Estate Template

The template that we have got here can let you create an amazing real estate app like Zillow or Trulia app for your real estate business. Marvelous artwork, easy to use user interface, and documentation is what you get along with this template

XML Social Share App

Have you ever thought about making a social app like Instagram? If yes, the template that we have for you here comes with more than 25 sliced PNG files and HTML documentation. Coupled with stunning artwork this app will let you create your social share app in no time.

> Importance of using Android App Templates

There is a huge demand for Android applications for smartphones and tablets. Using the android app design interface, it becomes easy enough to design and develop wonderful and meaningful applications. It is not only development for fun. Using these templates, you can develop several important applications that may impact positively your life. There are immense benefits for those who use these templates to recreate new and meaningful apps for the Android user interface. There is a great career opportunity available for this field of work. You can become a freelance android developer. The presence of these free Android apps download templates makes life much easier. No looking for complicated coding structure. Simply download these android application design templates and start designing the dream apps within the shortest time possible.

> Becoming State Friendly

It is the touch state that plays a significant role in offering confirmation related to selections and clicks. Using the android XML layout templates, it becomes easier to customize the widgets like button screens. It becomes possible to create the drawable for every necessary state like default, pressed, disabled, and focused. It is the focused state that allows for user feedback on every device that supports trackball navigation as well directional pad. It is also important to focus on the size since touch input promises to be imprecise. It is the fingers that occlude the UT while they start to interact with the screen. It must be seen that the touch targets are a minimum of 45-pixel density in terms of height and width.

> Using the Code Templates

SDK tools offer numerous templates to create the best android apps with the most basic structure. These templates can also be used to add components to the existing modules. These code templates suitably follow all the necessary guidelines from the Android app design UI community to offer the most stunningly beautiful as well as functional apps. There are numerous android code templates available. However, they are mostly divided into three major categories.

> Categories of Android Templates

1. Application Templates 2. Activity Templates 3. Other Templates

These templates primarily use all the necessary support library objects in case they are available.

The support library objects make new features available on the widest range of platforms. Most of these templates use the Appcompat library to carry out the designing part.

> Application Templates

Application templates develop all the basic android app modules that can be tested on any android device. They can also be used for including a new range of activities for the existing modules. They can also be used for developing new Android modules.

> Activity Templates

These templates are highly useful in developing the same kind of activity that they used to do as application templates. They are most beneficial in creating activities that are mostly intended to be part of existing apps.

> Other Templates

Android object templates offer options to include a new set of components to the existing applications including all the above-mentioned activities along with several additional features.

> A Look at Different Android App Layout Designs

Delivery Card App Design

This type of template comes with a responsive layout and promises high productivity in terms of designing android applications as per the requirement. With perfect customization options and layered PSD files, these templates can be highly productive in developing modern-day android apps.

Circle Creative Website Design

Be creative be unique and there you have this template that challenges your creativity to develop the most unique apps possible.

Harman Kardon Controller App Design

Design and develop controller applications using the Harman Kardon Controller app design template. It is responsive and browser-friendly. It comes with several widgets and plugin-ins.

Coherent Interface is What it Matters

Android UI is changing rapidly. Now and then, new versions are coming out. Version 4.0 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich) featured a highly modern interface known as HOLO. This was truly a very coherent designing app to follow that never preferred using customized skins from other OEMs. These days, the HOLO aesthetic is being largely preferred by most developers. It promises easy scaling across different screen sizes.

Monetizing the Applications Using Apps

Monetizing the mobile android apps is easy. With the help of android layout designs, it becomes easy enough to get the apps customized. The ADMOB API supports interstitial ads and banners. Also, it will ensure what type of ad formats work best for the applications. You can use both of them together to make them work even better for the application. Interstitial Ads get rendered full screen. Once they are visible, they provide the opportunity to exit the ad or even redirect to the actual page.

> The 3 major types of android app template free download available are listed below:

Browser App

This free Android template tool allows for easy navigation to different web resources with exiting from the app. This app comes with pre-set links that can be easily set up by the app maker. It also features a personalized address bar that can be easily set up while offering the user to enjoy access to several alternate sites straight from the apps.

Website App

The more popular app to develop website templates, this app promises to be fully responsive and can be easily linked to the present website without any hassle.

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