Estimates play a critical role in the professional industry as it provides the possible amount of goods and services. Here, we have various estimate templates you can use for your business efficiently and effectively. estimates

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Estimate Definition & Meaning

An estimate is a digital document or a piece of paper with information, such as the description of services and products, statements, and the estimated amount.

An estimate provides the cost estimation to the clients for both the provider and client to do the math and make a deal of the quoted amount.

What Is an Estimate?

In the business industry, it is crucial for the clients to know the possible costs of their projects. It helps clients in rounding off budget and have confidence with their savings. Estimates are documents conveying the possible costs and deviation from the observed and expected value.

10 Types of Estimates

Bid Estimate

A bid estimate is an estimate presented by the contractor to the buyer. This document also serves as a bid proposal. It allows the audience of the bidding to know the estimated costs, which will be the base of their decisions.


Budget Estimate

Budget estimates are the statement of the estimated budget of a specific project. It ensures clients know the regression of variables required. That way, they can improve budget plans.


Building Estimate

A building estimate is the cost estimation of a building project. Aside from presenting the possible costs, it provides a statement that allows the clients to know the needed procedures. Doing so aids the builders and client in coming to an understanding regarding payment and costs.


Cleaning Estimate

A cleaning estimate is a document explaining the labor and materials rendered. It includes the cleaning of the floor, rooms, beds, comfort rooms, windows, laundry, etc. That way, the customer gains a heads up of their possible payments.


Construction Estimate

Construction projects require multiple services and materials. It is necessary to write a statement of the possible costs for the clients to work with their budget for commercial or residential construction. As a result, you will need a construction estimate.


Cost Estimate

A cost estimate is the assessed value of a project. It is generated by calculating the variable and parameter of the specific project. It aids people in forecasting and budgeting.


Job Estimate

A job estimate contains content regarding the procedures, services, and amount of labor. It outlines the details of the job, including the deadline for completing the job. That way, clients know what to expect from the processes, time, and costs.


Project Estimate

Project estimate delivers the estimated and expected value of the project. It includes the prices of the materials, equipment, and labor. Estimating the costs helps customers and workers the needed amount for this activity.


Roofing Estimate

A roofing estimate outlines the supplies that a contractor plans to use for your project. It provides the details of the procedures and materials needed for clients to understand. With this method, the worker and the client improve communication.


Service Estimate

Service fees vary depending on the labor level. A service estimate provides details regarding the variables for clients to know the expected amount of labor and possible change of amount and procedure. This estimation ensures that the client can plan and decide on their budget.


Estimate Uses, Purpose, Importance

Estimates are for delivering a message or a premonition to the client and workers regarding the amounts and procedures. It is for both parties to seal the deal on whether to continue the project regarding the estimated amount. This paper is crucial since it is one of the critical elements of an agreement.

Provide Estimated Costs

Estimate’s main purpose is to provide estimated and possible costs. Although the amount can change depending on the potential circumstances such as accidents and damages, it is essential to calculate and assess costs.

Effective Communication

Estimates contain statements and the quoted amount. It serves as a message from workers to clients that allows them to exchange information about the project and its factors.

Budget Plan Improvement

It is essential to have a budget goal and ensure you reach them. Estimates help you obtain possible and critical figures, which will help you generate an improved and reliable budget plan.

Accurate Forecasting

Estimates are the estimation of the possible value or costs of a project. It aids in accurate forecasting since it delivers the services and materials needed, allowing you to calculate and concentrate on the most concrete costs.


Providing estimates enhances the reliability level of your business. Ensuring your client’s budget and savings makes them feel you are trustworthy and professional in this field.

What Is in an Estimate? Parts?


Tile is one of the most critical aspects of a document. It ensures that the readers obtained and read their target information.


The date is an essential part of an estimate. It is to convey to the readers that it is updated and serves as proof of the agreement when possible disputes arise.

Company Logo

Your company logo allows the readers to know from who or what company the file came from. It is also a marketing strategy that boosts brand awareness.

Service and Material’s Description

Projects can be expensive, a reason why clients require to know the factors of the estimation. Providing a description of the service and products rendered assures the client agrees and acknowledges your statement.

Contact Information

In business transactions, constant information is essential. It supports both parties to communicate for the negotiation of the project or when there are inquiries.


How to Design an Estimate?

1. Select your estimate size.

2. Determine the purpose of your estimate.

3. Choose your estimate template.

4. Insert your company logo or icon.

5. Edit according to your preferences.

6. Save the file and download it.


Estimate vs. Quotation

An estimate is a cost estimation that can still change and is not final, which contractors provide to their clients to give them a heads up of the estimated value of their requested project.

A quotation is a fixed price you convey to your client and cannot be changed.

What Is the Difference Between Estimate, Invoice, and Report?

An estimate is a document that contains the possible amount of a project and is not the final price decision, meaning it can vary depending on possible situations.

An invoice is a request for payment that includes the amounts that need to be paid, products and services rendered amount, and the due date.

A report conveys the structure of a specific topic, providing the critical elements that enhance decision-making processes that cover finances, procedures, operations, etc.

Estimate Sizes

Various companies have different preferences in estimate sizes. Here, you can choose multiple sizes, proportions, and dimensions you might need for your business.

  • Statement (5.5 inches x 8.5 inches)
  • Letter wide (8.5 inches X 11 inches)
  • A4 (8.3 inches × 11.7 inches)
  • Legal (8.5 x 14 inches)


Estimate Ideas & Examples

A lot of companies prefer innovative and neat designs for their documentation to improve professionalism and brand reputation. Fortunately, we recommend various professional estimate ideas and examples you can use and edit online.

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What is an estimate in business?

The estimate helps businesses convey price estimation and keep track of sales.

How do I make an estimate?

You can make an estimate by determining the products and services you rendered and generate a document on your computer that includes the critical elements, which are the date, your details, your client’s information, description of products and services rendered, and the estimated amount.

What are estimates used for?

Estimates are used for providing the outlines and possible or estimated costs of the services and products rendered and provided to a specific client.

How do I make an estimate template in Excel?

Click under total (1), and type =B5*C5, then press enter, click twice on the small square, click on the last cell, and type =SUM(D5:D15), then press enter.

What are the three major parts of a project estimation?

The three major parts you should include in project estimation are the best-case estimate, the most likely estimate, and the worst-case estimate.

What is a construction estimate?

A construction estimate is a method of assessing the possible costs of the services and materials necessary in a construction project.

What is the need for budget estimation of projects?

A budget estimation helps project managers know how much will the project costs in a month or a year.

What should a repair estimate consist of?

A repair estimate should include the description of what materials and procedures are needed for the repair, the estimated costs of the required materials and labor, and a statement to obtain client approval of the quoted amount.

How do you write a cleaning estimate?

First, you need to choose a template and a format for your cleaning estimate, including writing the description of rendered services and goods, providing an estimated amount, and a statement.

What is a work estimate?

A work estimate is a document with the estimated costs of the labor and resources needed and rendered, such as gas, power, vehicle, equipment, etc., for clients to have a heads up on their bill.

What is the estimate used for?

It is important for clients to know the possible amount of their project, leading estimates to be a critical element since it delivers the estimated amount of the service and materials required for the project.

What are the available formats in an estimate?

Estimates are available in pdf, word, pages, and docs; it depends on what your company chooses and is more compatible with your software.

What is the role of an estimate in the business industry?

An estimate has a significant role in the business industry as it is used for clients to know the possible amount, allowing them to decide whether to continue the project or abandon it.

Why is estimation skill important?

Estimation skill is crucial as it ensures that the factors of the estimation are legit and reasonable, leading the clients to agree and not complain about the estimated costs or suggest or negotiate particular procedures to lessen other material prices.

Why do you need to provide the estimation to your customers?

A project can have a pretty price that some customers might not afford, which requires estimation to provide the possible amount to the customers and decide if they want to start the project or save a little more to avoid being short on budget.

What is costing?

While estimating is based on previous similar projects, costing is the calculation of the total expenses of labor, materials, and resources.