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A one sheet is a straightforward and practical business document. Whether you are promoting a rock band, a mobile app, or even a new pharmaceutical drug, it is best to prepare a one sheet that’s loaded with information but easy enough to understand.     one-sheet

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One Sheet Definition & Meaning

A one sheet is a document that offers a glimpse or an overview of a business, product, or service.   

It contains and summarizes all the key information such as history or biography, list of achievements, contact details, or even business goals and objectives. 

What Is a One Sheet?

A one sheet can sometimes be referred to as a one-pager. It is a document that is typically used in the entertainment, film, or broadcast industries. But essentially any business, company, or even individual can create one for the purpose of marketing their services or products.  

10 Types Of One Sheet

Company One Sheet

A company one sheet is incredibly useful especially during trade shows, business conferences, and similar events. It offers a simple, quick, and easy-to-digest overview of a company. It is vital to include business contact information and striking graphics, as seen in this pastry company one sheet template below.  


Promotion One Sheet

At its core, a one sheet is essentially a promotional or advertising tool. Not everyone has the time nor the luxury to read and go through pages of content. A promotion one sheet, such as the example below, saves the reader a lot of time as it presents a one-page overview of all the main ideas and highlights only the important points.    


Radio One Sheet

A radio one sheet is a document that primarily contains basic information about an artist or performer. Whether it is a traditional broadcast radio or a live stream podcast, musicians who want to get exposure or recognition should prepare a one sheet that they can readily distribute to radio stations, DJs, record producers, etc. When creating your radio one sheet, make sure to also include a photo of the artist.   


Sales One Sheet

If you are a business or a company, it might be helpful to prepare a sales one sheet to hand to clients or business partners at meetings. Your sales one sheet should always be brief, clear, and concise. The example below is a clothing brand one sheet that provides a brief description of the company’s objectives and also highlights various customer testimonials.       


One Sheet Proposal

Typical formal proposals are usually several pages long. But it might be helpful to come up with a one sheet proposal to supplement your longer and comprehensive proposal. Having a one-page proposal that contains only the essential information or a quick preview of the full proposal, maybe more reader-friendly and less intimidating.    


Media One Sheet

If you want to gain greater exposure or publicity in the media world, you need to have a one sheet that really stands out. Whether you are an aspiring actor or a budding social media influencer, you have to remember that a one sheet that contains everything there is to know about you may not be enough. Your media one sheet must also be visually striking and engaging to capture the attention and interest of people in the industry.   


Project One Sheet

Having a project one sheet ready is practical and pragmatic. Whether it is a real estate project, construction project, or even a creative project, a one sheet offers clients or participants a snapshot of what to expect. The project one sheet template below showcases a fashion project and highlights the project’s objectives and scope of work. 


Marketing One Sheet

From social media influencers to online start-up businesses, a marketing one sheet is a practical way to establish yourself when you reach out to prospective clients or potential business partners. Not only should it be informative and content-driven, it should also be attractive and visually stimulating. Make sure to use high-quality images and graphics, and try to come up with a strategic and eye-catching layout as well.  


Product One Sheet

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to promote your product, creating a product one sheet is relatively simple. Because it needs to be attention-grabbing, don’t be afraid to go bold and loud. You can play around with colors and graphic design in your product one sheet, as seen in the template below.  


Book One Sheet

If you want to gain attention and interest from publishers, an engaging book one sheet is a must. It should be able to present a compelling preview or overview of the book. A basic book one sheet usually contains a section about the author, a synopsis, contact information, and other relevant details about the book.    


One Sheet Uses, Purpose, Importance

A one sheet, regardless of industry or field, has several important purposes. The following describes just some of the main uses and advantages of a one sheet document.   

Tool for Promotion

In essence, a one sheet is a simple tool that can be used for promoting any kind of product or service. If you need to market a product or even an individual (e.g., social media influencer), a one sheet offers a quick glimpse of what the product or person is all about. A one sheet summarizes all the important information and presents it in a condensed one-page document.   

Content Centered

A one sheet is useful because it is packed with essential information and content. For most people, they tend to look for straightforward and practical information. With a one sheet, the focus is primarily on content and not merely random content but only the most important and relevant information.

Time Saver

As mentioned earlier, not everyone has the luxury of time to go through pages of proposals and other lengthy documents. A one sheet is a time-saving document that can immediately be scanned in a matter of seconds. Since all information is presented on a single page, it won’t take long for the reader to go through all of its contents.   

Convenient and Quick Overview

A one sheet offers clients, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, media, and the general public a quick snapshot of a service or product. A one sheet is designed to be brief and condensed. Whether you are promoting your own startup company, a laundry service, or a video game, presenting a quick overview or summary of what it is can appear more practical and appealing to people.

Business Card Alternative

Although it may not be top of mind for most people, a one sheet can even be seen as a business card alternative for some. This is especially true for the entertainment industry wherein actors and artists need to ensure that their contact information is listed on their one sheet. This allows casting directors, agents, directors, producers, or managers to reach them after the audition process.     

What Is in a One Sheet? Parts?

Name or Title

Depending on the product or service you are promoting, you need to include either the name or title of the project, event, product, individual, or group. The title or name should be upfront or top and center; you also have the option to include a logo or brand name.

Bio or Description

Whether you are marketing a film, service, or a speaker, make sure to include a brief biography or description summarizing it. It is important to keep it short and direct, only emphasizing the most important details.

Highlights or Milestones

You can dedicate a whole section to highlighting different product milestones or career achievements. It is vital to emphasize your accomplishments or experience because it definitely looks better for promotion.

Contact Details

Make sure to add current contact information on your one sheet for people to be able to reach you. A contact number, email address, official website, and social media pages are all acceptable.    


Although it is not always required and if space permits, you can also include a few testimonials from clients, customers, or former colleagues to vouch for the quality of your product or service.


How to Design a One Sheet?

1. Choose a one sheet size.

2. Identify the purpose of the one sheet.

3. Select a one sheet template.

4. Add a title and/or logo and adjust the layout.

5. Edit the different sections and add content.

6. Customize the graphics and add a photo of the product.


One Sheet vs Sheet

A one sheet is primarily a promotional document used in numerous fields and industries, notably in the film and entertainment industry.

A sheet is a basic document or form that is used for all kinds of activities including writing, documenting, monitoring and printing.

What Is The Difference Between a One Sheet, Spreadsheet, and Worksheet?

A one sheet is a one-page document that is used to market a product, service, individual, or company.

A spreadsheet is a document that is typically used for managing data and quantitative calculations and is most often used with software applications such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

A worksheet is an activity sheet that normally comes with a predetermined set of instructions or questions. 

One Sheet Sizes

Creating a one sheet is fairly quick and simple; however, you need to ensure that you choose the right size for your needs. The following are the most common and widely used one sheet sizes that are available.   

  • Letter (8.5 × 11 inches)
  • A4 (8.3 × 11.7 inches)


One Sheet Ideas & Examples

Since you can use a one sheet in basically any industry or sector, it might be helpful to take a look at some ready-made templates to gather ideas and inspiration. These one sheet ideas are sure to jump-start your creativity!   

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What is a One sheet in business?

A one sheet is a promotional document that summarizes all the key points of a product or service.

Why do you need One Sheet?

A one sheet is useful because it offers quick, condensed, and easy-to-digest information.

What should a One Sheet include?

A one sheet should include the name or title, a brief description or background, eye-catching graphics, and contact information.

What are One Sheets in film?

Filmmakers use one sheet as a promotional or marketing tool that offers a summary of all the essential details of a film or movie.

What makes a good One Sheet?

A good one sheet has a strategic layout and is informative, clear, and concise.

What are One Sheets in casting?

Actors and artists use one sheets to market themselves to casting directors, producers, agents, and managers in the entertainment industry.

How do you make a marketing One Sheet?

To make a marketing one sheet, include the product name then pick out the most notable features of your product or service to put in your one sheet.

What are One Sheets in Sales?

In sales and marketing, a one sheet helps give a quick overview of a product or service to hand to customers, clients, and other stakeholders.

How do you create One Sheet for musicians?

To create a one sheet for musicians, always start with the artist’s name then provide a quick biography, contact details, career highlights, and brief description of your musical genre.

Are One Sheets still used to pitch a script?

Yes, you can still use one sheets when pitching a movie script or screenplay.

What is a one-pager?

A one-pager is a single-page summary or overview of a company or product that is most often used as a pitch.

What size is a one sheet?

The recommended size for a one sheet is typically a standard US Letter size or A4 size, but it also depends on the specific needs or individual preferences of the writer.