People tend to forget special events especially when they are busy with their work. Special occasions such as birthdays are the ones people need to remember to attend. Make sure to mark down your calendars with the special dates you need to attend. Here we have Annual Desk Calendar Templates to help you with that. You can enjoy personalizing them with their 100% fully customizable and accessible features that you can download in any available file formats you require. Grab one of our ready-made templates right away and always remember the events upcoming you need to attend!

How to Make an Annual Desk Calendar?

As it is mentioned in its name, it is a calendar that organizes your annual events and activities. It worked as a planning calendar that schedules your whole year with the activities you planned. It is perfect for those who often forget the important dates they have to attend due to being busy with their work and projects. It is also displayed on the owner's desk.

Every busy person has to prepare and organize their schedules to always remember the special dates. Eventbrite states that 54% of event planners prepared to manage more events in 2019. So mark your calendars and never forget the important dates you need to attend. Make a desk calendar of your own and mark the dates you will attend. In case you are having trouble making one, we provide you these step-by-step guides and tips to help make an annual desk calendar.

1. Create the Layout

Extract some ideas for your desk calendar on how you do it. Start making it by creating the layout first. Make tables for each month and make sure to have 7 columns for the days in a week, and 5 rows for the weeks. Leave a blank space as well so you can insert more notes. If you are having trouble starting from scratch, then choose a template instead. It will help you save more time and make it quicker. Aside from annual desk calendars, you can also find Planning Calendars Templates for planning your whole year out or School Desk Calendar Templates for your school activities in your whole school year.

2. Decide on Your Designs

Customize your simple calendar by adding some graphics to match the design you have in mind. Use some clip art for your design that can look good to your calendar. You can also put pictures of whether a group photo or photography. You can also include unique elements such as logos or the company's slogan. Make it creative as you want, but make sure not to overboard with graphic designs.

3. Write Down Your Schedules

After editing your printable calendar, you may proceed to write your upcoming schedules for the year. Don't forget the most special days of the year: The Birthdays! Forgetting your loved one's birthday might break their heart, so it's better to write the birthdays on your desk calendar. Use the appropriate format for easier readability. Choose and change the font style, size, and color according to your preference and what suits you the best. Make sure to see if the designs didn't interfere with the texts, otherwise you need to adjust the designs.

4. Print the Calendar

Print your desk calendar and set it to your desk as you can see the upcoming dates. Use the appropriate paper for printing your desk calendar. Make sure to check every schedule if it marked in the correct dates and the details. Place it on your desk afterward for you to track down the upcoming events. You can also use our Editable Planner Templates to help you plan your schedules ahead of time.

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