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What is an Annual Report Brochure?

As defined by business dictionaries, an annual report is a publication or a financial statement that corporate employees will provide to their stakeholders wherein business operations and financial status is briefly and clearly described. Every cover of an annual report brochure contains a creative design that is a combination of graphics and photos accompanied by the company's business narratives. You can also present an annual report using various brochure designs like the bifold or trifold brochure.

How to Create an Annual Report Brochure?

In addition to informing the stakeholders about the company's milestones, an annual report brochure will also invite other interested parties to work with you. Hence, it's important to learn how to create an engaging annual report brochure. Here are a few steps for how you can make one:

1. Highlight Your Achievements

When creating an annual report, it's best if you highlight your company's achievements rather than your activities. Although your stakeholders want to know what you did for the entire year, they also want to know why you did it—which will be determined by the results; hence, achievements. Elaborate why and how you spent the money in both printed or electronic company brochure to prove to them that you are worth an investment.

2. Talk about How You Did It

Don't only brag about the internal stuff like having a good Internet connection in the office and how you raised funds for improving business operations. Since an annual report is also a financial statement, your stakeholders are more concerned with how you used the money. Which means, they're more concerned about how you were able to finance the company's mission-related achievements.

3. Make a Creative Design

Now its time to include photos and graphics on your commercial brochure. Similar to flyers, creative brochures are also tools to promote your brand. Since you are not only engaging your shareholders, but also enticing other prospects to work with you. Therefore, it's best to include graphics from the best designer brands or get help from a design agency. More importantly, make the designs modern.

4. Elaborate Your Accomplishments

Do not give a general summary or presentation of your work. Explain what are your accomplishments by vividly elaborating on how your achievements helped a particular individual or group of individuals. Then, humanize your facts and figures by sharing a personal story about the impact you have made to these individuals.

5. Explain Your Financials

Since you will include financial statements in your company annual report, it's best to put a clear and concise explanation of the costs/figures presented. In addition, it's also best to assume that your stakeholders do not know how to read financial statements or don't have enough time to read it. Figures with (minimal) texts will stimulate the eyes of an individual to glaze over. Therefore, it's important to incorporate texts with your infographics.

6. How Can They Help You?

No reader wants to be left hanging, like your stakeholders. Thus, it's important that you include how your stakeholder will help you out. Think about this, how can you invite someone to help you if you won't even tell them how they can help you in the first place? In this case, you would also want to provide them giving options. If possible, let your business report invite them to use their credit card to donate.

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