Project Calendar Templates

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Every project you would need a project calendar to manage your project efficiently. However, it can be hard and takes up a lot of time to build a project calendar. An effective project calendar should be able to keep track of any ongoing project from a certain time span. Worry no more, we offer you a variety of ready-made and professionally designed Project Calendar Templates from a weekly calendar to a yearly calendar. We guarantee you that our templates are easily editable, printable, and in high quality. Quickly customize templates through your favorite formats. What are you waiting for? Download our premium templates right now!

How to Create a Project Calendar?

project calendar template

Technically, projects can be described as a sequence of operations or steps to accomplish an objective. A project's success depends on ensuring that appropriate project management phases were followed. Project calendars play a key role in planning the weekly plan, monthly plan, and yearly plan. Different organizations make use of a project calendar to plan the stuff they need to perform on a certain period of time.

Using a project calendar is very crucial for organizations since it can help anticipate the expected time set during the project planning phase. A project calendar can be used by businesses and also in schools. But, a project calendar is commonly used by construction firms. It is because a project calendar allows construction firms to maximize quality control measure to properly sequence the job correctly and ensure that correct material quality and quantity is used each step of the project.

A project calendar can help you in recording, tracking, organizing, and managing projects from beginning to end. Project calendars are the visual representation over a period of time of all the workable components. We have listed here for you five simple steps to creating your own custom project calendar that you may follow.

1. Choose a Software

There is various online or offline project management software that you may use to create your own custom project calendar. Choosing the right software will be playing a great factor in the production of your project calendar. Make sure that you are comfortable using the software you want. However, if you want a downloadable ready-made sample calendars for projects, there are abundant templates you can find online. Using a template will be more convenient and easier for busy professionals. 

2. Identify the Project 

When making a project calendar, you will need to identify the project name or title. Identifying the project title or name will help you know the purpose of the project or what the project is all about. 

3. Break Down

This is not your typical printable calendar. This is a calendar that outlines all the important phases that are needed to be done in a specific period. You need to list down the items, procedures, and specific dates that are included in the project planning and execution. It should be able to monitor any ongoing projects from a span of a few months to a complete year. 

4. Properly Format

Format the project calendar properly based on the material you will input in it. There are diverse formats for a project calendar. There will be formats that are more suitable for a specific project. To have a visual representation of the duration of each task, you can use a Gantt chart.

5. Place Information

The last step is to properly allocate the details of the ongoing project in a highly organized manner to strictly follow the phases. Divide the job into manageable parts, add duties to a timetable. Do not forget to add holidays and vacations for employees if needed.