Annual Calendar Templates

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How to Create an Annual Calendar?

annual calendar template

A yearly calendar, or sometimes called a timetable, is a table that helps you determine and count the days and events—like academic meetings, tentative leaves for a getaway, or school trainings—that have passed and will still come. Calendars may not sound so important, but these items are very relevant, especially for Catholics. According to Web Exhibits, the calendar is important for Catholics to help them know when to prepare for a certain event like Christmas or Holy Week. The calendar is also relevant to other people for similar uses, keeping track of the days, and knowing when to prepare for events. What are you waiting for? Purchase and download one now!

1. What Is the Identity of Your Calendar?

Calendars are like human beings, each item has a certain purpose and role. Not every sample calendar has a similar purpose. Some calendars like the ones owned by business employers use such items as a timetable for product promotions and meetings.

Event planners use calendars to stay informed of their event projects and activities. Engineers use calendars to stay on their project schedules. What about you? Why do you use a calendar? You must be able to answer this question to know what type of calendar outline you will be creating.

2. Design a Theme

When creating a calendar, you must also think of the calendar's long-term aesthetic. A dull and non-appealing calendar will become useless, and you eventually will forget about it. Your calendar design presentation must make you feel like you are falling in love with it all over again, even after you see it every day. The printable calendar's design must make you want to pick it up, open it, and the bond with it. Know no boundaries when designing the calendar. You can put quotes or artworks. But if you prefer to go for a minimal design then still go for it, so as long as you will still pick up your calendar with that design.

3. Think of a Layout

When you have finalized a theme or a concept for your annual desk calendar, you must decide on the layout of the calendar. Do you want to have your calendar in a landscape or portrait format? Most calendars go for the landscape format since it covers more space. The next thing you need to bear in mind is if you want to add spaces for memos or notes. Most calendar graphic files do not have such columns, but you can opt to create one if it works for you.

4. Write in an Orderly Manner

Even in a creative holiday calendar, you need to have an orderly way of writing things in your printable calendar. When you jot down notes and reminders, take note of the space allowed for that note. You must not go beyond the boundary of the allowed space. It might look so unprofessional of you to write in an uncontrolled fashion. Do keep your writing in a neat and organized way, and you will understand how pleasing it will look.