Do you ever have the time to forget an event? Or are you having trouble organizing your event schedules? Well, not now, for we present you this 100% fully customizable Event Desk Calendar Templates. It will surely help you with organizing your events upcoming this year and not troubling to forget them. You can download and personalize them in any available file formats—Microsoft Word (.docx), Apple Pages (.pages), and Google Docs. Avail them for a reasonable price, or if you're lucky enough to find a free template that you like, then grab it now! Attend all of them by not forgetting with the help of our ready-made templates.

What is an Event Desk Calendar?

As mentioned within its name, it is a calendar that organizes your upcoming events. It displays on the desk for you to look at the upcoming schedules of the events you need to attend with ease. The event desk calendar is perfect for those people who are busy with their work and projects that they often forget their important events to attend. It also worked as an event planner.

How to Make an Event Desk Calendar?

Annually, there will always be events held which you should attend and don't want to miss it. According to the Event Brite, 54% of event creators prepared more events to host in 2019. That is why you need to fix your schedule by owning an event calendar. If you are having trouble making one, then you can follow this step-by-step guide and tips to help you with making an event desk calendar.

1. Contemplate the Events of the Year

Plan your whole year by identifying the upcoming events you need to attend and organizing your daily schedules. Events like weddings, graduation, debuts, Christmas, and the likes are the ones that you might don't want to miss. Ask for the event organizer for the details and scheduled dates to determine when you will empty your schedule. List it all down and sort them monthly, weekly, or daily.

2. Browse for a Template

Browse the web to search for an editable template that suits your needs and your preferences. You should visit our site, which you can find thousands of ready-made templates that are only available on our website. It also saves you some time and money. You can download them in any available file formats.

3. Edit the Layout and Design

After downloading a sample template, you should now proceed with editing its layout and add more designs. Personalize it with the use of an editing software application that supports the file format you downloaded. Start with the background. A white background is a right choice, which is one way that doesn't interfere with the texts. Filling it with other colors also a good option if you want to be more creative but it also lessens the readability of the texts. Paste some graphic designs and stickers, too, if you like to put more interest in your calendar.

4. Set the Event Dates

Go back to the first step and write the events to your printable calendar to cover up your dates. Make sure to check the dates if they are correct. Choose the appropriate font style, size, and color for the texts according to your preferences. All caps, bold, or italic words will help you determine the type of event according to your preferences. Changing the color of the words that differ from the others will also help you effectively to determine how important the event is.

5. Display It on Your Desk

Make sure to check the dates if there are no discrepancies. If so, fix it accordingly. Print it afterward, then place your creatively made calendar on your desk. Check every day for the upcoming events. Make sure to prepare for every occasion you will attend. As the week starts, make sure to mark the days that have already passed.

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