Annual Meeting Minute Templates

Annual Meeting Minutes Are Important in Documenting a Meeting. Create One with's Free Sample Agenda Template. Whether You Are a Corporation or Homeowners Association, You Need Corporate Minutes for Annual General Meeting, a Limited Liability Company, HOA Meeting Sample, HOA Board, Directors Meeting, and More. Get a Copy Today!See more

When annual meetings take place, one person will always be assigned to take note of everything that takes place. If you are the individual that has been given the task, then you'll want to download our professionally made Annual Meeting Minute Templates! Each one can easily be edited with standard programs such a Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. What that means is that you'll have an easy time customizing them until they suit your needs! Use them to cover corporate, non-profit organization or even church-related annual meetings! If you want to enjoy even more of our high-quality templates, then consider joining any of our subscription plans today! 

What Is an Annual Meeting Minutes?

As its name suggests, the purpose of this type of meeting minutes is to cover everything that goes on within an annual meeting. This will include things like the name of the participants, the topics covered, what actions were taken, etc. Many businesses or small businesses make use of the document to help recap what happened in previous annual meetings so that they'll know what it is that they are expected to tackle during the next one. 

How to Make an Annual Meeting Minutes?

annual meeting minutes template

1. Start With The Names of the Participants

Every meeting minutes must always begin with information on the participants. It is important that you take note of all the people that participated in the annual meeting. Be sure to put in their complete names along with whatever position title each of them holds. Also, include a section that points out the names of those that were not able to participate but were required to. 

2. Provide Basic Details of the Meeting Itself

Your sample meeting minutes must contain a title that can clearly point out the type of annual meeting that was held. Then you will have to put in the complete exact date and time in which it took place. Be sure to put in the month, day and year when providing the date. 

3. Share the Meeting's Agenda 

This is where you will need to discuss all of the things that the meeting aimed to discuss. If there is a staff meeting minutes from a previous annual meeting, then you will have to point out anything that was carried over and if any corrections/amendments had to be made. 

4. Discuss Any Actions Taken or Agreed Upon

Any actions that were discussed or taken during the meeting must be a written document. You will need to provide a detailed description of each one. This will include names, dates, addresses, etc. Also, if there are certain actions that needed to be voted on, you'll have to point out details such as who made the motion, the number of votes and the overall outcome. 

5. Point Out Now Any New Business 

If there were any topics that were discussed during the annual meeting, you will have to put them into the corporate meeting minutes. Make sure that you include details such as the name of the individual that brought it up and whether or not the matter was resolved during the meeting.

6. Share Details on the Next Meeting

The last thing that you are going to have to do is to point out the details on when the next annual meeting is going to be held. If annual meetings are held consistently on the same date every year, then this won't be much of a problem. However, if certain changes need to be made to the date or even the venue, you will need to point those out right away. This is to ensure that the participants of the next annual meeting will know exactly when and where it's going to be held. Plan and schedule in advance.