How to Create a Business Brochure in MS Word?

Brochures have a common misconception that it is no longer effective in this digital age. But, recent research findings state that 79% of small and medium businesses use brochures for advertising their business. This statistic gathers the conclusion that corporate brochures are useful in boosting sales. That is why having a business brochure in this generation is still vital. And you can print it our or spread copies of the leaflet online.

1. Choose Appropriate Color Scheme

Brochures are shorter and more cost-efficient versions of business catalogs. These are also more creative and colorful advertising materials. In increasing the effectivity of the leaflet, it is ideal to use an appropriate color scheme that represents your company. The color palette should also aid the readability of the descriptive texts. Furthermore, the color can also make your bifold or trifold brochures among the others that are handed out or left at table-top counters.

2. Be Smart with Fonts

Another factor that can make print marketing material stand out is the fonts used. The font you use can make or break your leaflet. Too small letters can be challenging to read. On the other hand, larger fonts can lessen the information that can be on the brochure. A right mix of styles and sizes can boost the effectivity of the tool. Bigger fonts are usually for the headings, and the details are in smaller fonts. You can also have a combination of the font styles to showcase further the identity of your company.

3. Include High-quality Pictures

One aim of a business brochure is to be visually appealing, aside from being informational. Including pictures is a great way to add more information and to make it more creative. Quality images can also add to the interest of your customers as it will pique their curiosity. It is common in real estate brochures to have more pictures to show the actual area of the estate. School or university leaflets also include images that showcase excellent facilities.

4. Highlight your Organization

Since brochures are highly comprehensive, a lot of information are within the limited panels of the leaflet. You can include a short background of your company, its history, and how it prospered. You can also include information about your company logo and its symbolism. Additionally, highlight your company’s services. You can give more emphasis to old and all-time favorites. On the other side of the spectrum, you can also add more information to new services that will be sure to entice your regular customers.

5. Introduce your Team

People need to know the people they will trust their money in. Aside from making your organization and products known, it is also crucial to introduce the people behind the logo. Before your customers sign any binding contract or agreement, you can showcase the credentials of your team members. This list is one way of showing that you are highly qualified for delivering the service. Introducing the team is an effective way of increasing credibility.

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