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How to Make a Unique Business Card in MS Word

A business card is the primary medium of professional networking. In addition, a business card also reflects the spirit of your company's culture. Since your business card conveys your company's identity, then it should always have a unique design. For you to learn how to make a unique business card, here are a few steps and inclusions you'll need to know in order to make your company stand out.

1. Avoid Gimmicks

To create effective business cards, it's best if you avoid using gimmicks or slogans; they don't even mean anything on your business cards. You surely want to use your printed business cards for a longer period of time. On the other hand, slogans or gimmicks may also be useful especially when you wish to invite your business prospects for a promotional event. The best thing you'll do is to simply use permanent messages — information to help people get in touch with you.

2. Use Simple Designs

Business cards are different from invitation cards, it simply is a tool as a point of reference for your company representative's contact information. In which case, you will need to use white or black colors for the background in order to make it more professional. Then, don't forget to adhere to the appropriate design principles. You should maintain at least a five-millimeter border around the outer parameter of your business cards, stick to a two-color design, and ensure your text is readable.

3. Avoid Clip-Arts

Since business cards are used in professional networking, therefore they should always look professional as well. One way you can do so is to avoid using clip-arts. Remember that in the corporate world, less is more. Therefore, it is important to choose minimalist designs or a simple and readable typeface. When you put some clip-arts on your minimal business cards, it makes it will not make your readers easily grasp on your key messages — information. Unless it's part of your occasional promotion strategies, then you may do so; as long as it's engaging.

4. Choose Modern Design

One of the best was to make your business cards effective and visually pleasing is to choose modern designs. Using only one or two colors like black, white, or gray can do so. When you paint your business cards with luxury and elegant designs, you ensure it entices the largest portion of the population. As mentioned, less is more, so minimalist designs are more preferable. Especially when you wish to use it for your real-estate business, then you would preferably include a photograph of an elegant mansion — this would be the right time to put some images on your business card in order to make it engaging as well. For more convenience, feel free to use business card templates in design software such as MS Publisher, Apple Pages, etc.

5. Open MS WORD

All this can be done when you simply launch MS Word and create a new file. Then, you may browse for creative sample business card templates that are readily available in MS Word. The next thing you'd do is to fill in your company representative's complete name, contact information, company address, and email address. Then, choose whether you want to make it vertical or horizontal; doesn't matter, as long as it contains the important details to use it as a point of reference. Lastly, hit the "save" button and use the right of paper to use.

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