The world of business and administration can be an extremely demanding industry to work in; if you’re not up for the challenges, then it can really take a toll on your spirit. Because of this, corporate employers apply a great deal of scrutiny over job applications as a way of weeding out anyone unsuitable for an internship. That’s why we’ve formed a list of professional Ready-Made Business Resume Templates to help you out! Get the attention of business recruiters with these 100% customizable documents, easily editable in Microsoft Word. And, you have the choice between A4 and US sizes (with bleed) for a printable resume. Download now and flaunt your bachelor’s degree with style!

How to Make a Business Resume in Pages

Working in the corporate/administrative industry can really take a lot out of you, especially mentally. And so, management executives have to ensure that they’re workforce is filled with the most competent and qualified employees they can find. When going through new applicants, the quality and contents of resumes are given plenty of consideration before even evaluating the probable new-hires themselves. After all, a resume acts as a form of initial summary about yourself and your capabilities.

Well, with our Ready-Made Business Resume Templates, we can help you get over that hurdle and ensure you land an interview! And, there’s no need to worry about learning courses to write and design an alluring application, since our resume templates are specifically made easy to customize with minimal editing proficiency.

Not sure where to start? No problem--check out our simple yet comprehensive tips found just below!

1. Familiarize Yourself About the Company

The more you know, the better. For the sake of writing your resume, it can be a significant benefit to find out as much as you can about what your potential employer. You can achieve this by simply visiting their website--which a business/organization will most likely have these days--and reading up. If you’re gonna try to dig up more (or if they don’t have a website, to begin with), then search for any 3rd-party sources that have reviews or articles about them.

2. Do a Self-evaluation; Put Some Thought Into Your Writing

Have you chosen one of our Ready-Made Business Resume Templates yet? After downloading the template file, run Microsoft Word and use it to write your resume.

A spiffy introduction is a good place to start. So, take what you’ve learned about the hiring company and find ways to apply it to your writing. While you draft, maintain a confident tone in presenting your know-how about the profession at hand. At the same time, express humility and gratitude for the opportunity to apply for the job.

Make sure that you list relevant information when stating your qualifications; leave out your history as a gym instructor if you’re applying to be an accountant. And, do NOT lie about important details, as employers will eventually find out.

3. Check for Errors and Rewrite Where Needed

As stated earlier, the quality of your resume will also be judged; the professional look of your template’s premade design is one thing, but your grammar and vocabulary are another. Not only are there type-o’s to look out for, but you should also consider how your sentences are structured. A thesaurus (be it an actual book or an online site) comes in really handy when adding variety to your dialog, and you can easily find guides on improving/fixing your grammar around The Internet.

Lastly, don’t forget to put together a cover letter to go with your resume. After all of that’s done, you’re ready to send your application.

4. Free up Time in Your Schedule

In preparation for possible calls and/or interviews, keep some available timeslots open ahead of time. This is especially useful if you manage to catch the interest of more than one company.

Pursue that dream career with determination by using Microsoft Word and our versatile document samples!

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