Whenever a transaction occurs, businesses need to provide a document of proof to their customers. Business invoices become a helpful tool in giving a detailed account of the purchases between two parties. If you're looking for an invoice template, you don't have to look further. Our website offers an array of ready-made, printable, and professional business invoice templates that are 100% customizable. Complete with well-written and organized content, these editable files are accessible at any electronic device. The templates are available in all versions of Microsoft Word. Don't waste your time and download a copy for your business now.

What is an Invoice?

An invoice is an essential document composed of the details entailing the transaction between a seller and a buyer. Written on the paper is the list of materials or products bought and its respective prices. It also used as a record-keeping material for the dealer and customer.

How to Design a Business Invoice Template in Microsoft Word?

Companies need to track the growth of their business and the improvement of their sales revenue. One way to record the developments of a business venture is through business or commercial invoices. These documents contain the details of a transaction which helps businesses determine the progress of the products or services. Although not a legally-binding agreement, invoices serve as the evidence of the deal of the producer and consumer. Furthermore, it's an acknowledgment that the transaction happened.

1. Determine the Structure of Your Business

Before designing the official invoice of your business, you need to focus on the nature of your business. Determine the goals of your company and create your invoice template based on those objectives. If your business is related to the fashion industry, it would be better to have an invoice template that has an association with the fashion world. For a small business, you need to have a sales invoice that matches the mood or style of your establishment.

2. Choose the Content

The composition of an invoice is dependent on the business style. Whether it's a large corporation or a small enterprise, you need to have an organized and well-written content. Your business invoice should include basic information such as these: company name, building or store address, date of purchase, and name of the buyer. The enumeration of quantity and quality of products sold should occupy ample space in the invoice graphic design. You can also add a creative touch in your service invoice template, but remember to consider your clients.

3. Include Terms and Descriptions

Invoices with a generic design do not include conditions and descriptions, but it doesn't mean you can't add that in the format. In editing your business invoice template using Microsoft Word, you can also leave room for the terms and agreements. Business dealings that have circumstances need to have the details documented in the paper. So for your company, have a separate sheet for business relations that require special consideration. Furthermore, a small definition of the transaction would suffice. Placing everything is not necessary, only include the sections that need attention - highlight essential points.

4. Leave Space for the Tax Total

Transparency influences the perception of the audience; it builds trust and assurance. When companies show they have nothing to hide, it enhances the reputation they have. It guarantees customers that they are in safe hands. One way of affirming this idea is through being transparent about taxes. Showing the tax total of the expenses of the transaction is important, as it shows competence and honesty. That's why leaving enough space for the computation of the expenditure becomes crucial for effective communication. For instance, our travel invoice templates have a systematic outline that allows space for taxes and other materials that require payment.

5. Print the Invoice Template

After editing the sample template you have selected, you can proceed to the next step. Print the invoice and use it for your business. Moreover, keep a digital version of the invoice or receipt template ready in your computer or laptop, in case the client asks for a copy via email. Lastly, no matter how simple your business invoice format is, it should be readable and professional.

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