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How to Create Business Postcards in Microsoft Word

Mailing has become outdated in this period dominated by technology. Sadly, even in this digital age, technology cannot keep up with the demands of every consumer. Companies that market their products and services using online advertising are struggling with the competition. Besides, the majority of people tune out advertisements and only filter those that catch their immediate attention. To solve this problem, companies are now looking into different alternatives, and one of them is using promotional business postcards.    

A highly effective direct mail advertising can reach its target audience. Not only does it generate leads, but it can also prompt consumers to act on the message. In making your business postcard, we have formulated steps to help you kickstart your project. 

1. Write Down Your Goals 

First and foremost, the idea of making business postcards, and using them in marketing should have a goal. What is it that you want to achieve by producing postcards? 

The versatility of business postcards makes it multifunctional. Therefore, there is no need to worry when creating different contents for the postcards because you can maximize its usage. You can utilize postcards when announcing a new business, introducing products or services, offer discounts, location transfer, or an invitation to an event.  Establishing your goal will make it easier for you to measure the success of your marketing strategy. 

2. Identify Your Audience and Create a Mailing List

Demography plays a significant factor when creating a mailing list. Included in the demography is age, marital status, location, gender, household income, occupation, and so on. Also, when making a list, you need to consider what your client's buying habits are. Looking into people's buying habits will help you determine why they buy a particular product, which in return will help you develop a strategic plan for increasing sales. 

A mailing list is a compilation of names and numbers used by companies to send materials to a target recipient. When creating a mailing list, it is advisable to categorize the old clients and your new prospects. By using this method, it can help you correctly send the right postcard to your audience. 

3. Start Designing Your Business Postcard

If you are ready to create your business postcard, you can begin by using Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is user-friendly and has an array of tools to make editing your postcard easier. If you are not familiar with editing processes, you can look for sample designs online which you can use as your basis. 

Start with picking the right size for your postcards. The standard size is 6 inches wide and 4.25 inches tall, but you can customize the size for your preference. However, keep in mind that you need to consider the costs and if it would be to the customer's liking. 

When selecting the colors for the postcards, you can incorporate your brand's color or pick a color that will complement the card's message. Choose tones that will garner your reader's attention but remember not to go overboard with them. Lastly, pick visual images that supplement what you are offering or advertising. Be innovative with the imagery and never use vague ones. 

4. Make Your Content Matter

Before you print out your postcards, remember to double-check for errors and mistakes. Make sure that every mail recipient's details are readable and correct; otherwise, mistakes would cost you fortunes and your postcards loss. Use excellent printing materials for your postcards to give it a great finish.