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How to Create a Company Brochure in Microsoft Word

A company brochure is just one type of printed marketing material used by most companies to feature their businesses which highlights important business-related matters such as benefits, products, or goods and services.

In creating a brochure for your company, you can choose whether to have it on a single page, bifold, or trifold. Whichever you choose, a company brochure should help your business’s products and services sell.

Hoping to create one today? Don’t worry, we’re here to provide you simple, easy tips as you make your own personalized company brochure in Microsoft Word.

1. Pick the Best Company Brochure Template for You

At Template.net, we already did the hard work to provide you the best company brochure examples. The templates are ready-made and can be easily customized all for the benefits of your business.

If you are also looking for more business-related examples and templates, we also have drafted some for you.

2. Choose the Best Layout and Design

The layout and design of your company brochure are to be considered. You have to make it aesthetically beautiful and lovely for the public to attract attention. Colors set the tone, and it is usually the bright colors that make it more appealing and pleasing. Be creative if you like.

Aside from that, the flow to which your company’s information should be arranged is important. Make it readable to the readers. However, this is no longer a problem if you consider our ready-made templates. Every sample brochure template is professionally designed, and we have done the layout for you already.

3. Provide the Necessary Content

In filling in the relevant information to your modern brochure, every detail counts. Unlike postcards or flyers, a company brochure can be written in a detailed way and should highlight a brief history of the company, services, products, and benefits.

You may want to include a call to action statement to which you will be encouraging them to avail your offers.

4. Include the Core of Your Products or Services

This is another approach to your business. If you plan to make a trifold brochure, make sure to allocate a page to highlight your products or services. Provide the strength of your offer.

5. Make Use of Your Brochure

Your brochure covers a wide spectrum of marketing usefulness. Use it wisely and thoroughly. Never limit what your company brochure can actually do for your company or business.

Mail your brochure together with your postcard or you can take them with you at a trade show. Whichever way possible, market your brochure as you market your business.

6. Make it Professional

Since it’s a professional business, of course, you have to make professional brochures too. As you can see on our website, each company brochure template has a professional design and layout. You can use one or all for free.

Ready? Download and create one now!

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