Postcard Word Templates

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What Is a Postcard?

A postcard is a decorated piece of sturdy paper used to contain letters more often at the back portion of the card. Usually, many decorate postcards with sceneries, landscapes, or landmarks of a place. This rectangular piece of paper has many novelty variants since users can personalize the card depending on their reference, occasion, or event. People used to paint traditional postcards; however, it is rare to see painted postcards because digital printers are widely available. 

How to Make Postcard in Microsoft Office Word

It takes a genius with a 160 IQ to come up with the world's largest software maker like Bill Gates. But it won't take much IQ to make a postcard in Microsoft Office Word. Can you imagine school works or office works without the benefit of Microsoft Office Application? No, exactly. Over the years, Microsoft System has expanded and developed software that made our life convenient. If you want to be at ease in making a good postcard, use MS Word. Hence, we made a simple list to help you with your postcard. Here's a list of simple steps that will guide you through your task. We made sure these steps are easy to follow. Stick with our list as you finish the most creative postcard in MS Word. 

1. Know the Purpose of Your Postcard

Apparently, the main purpose of a postcard is to carry a letter. However, the distinction of your postcard may depend on who will be your receiver. A postcard can be used for personal use and in business as well. Personal postcards are the fanciest and creative because you can decorate them.

On the other hand, simple postcards in business are more technical and formal. Not only on the creative side, in which business postcards are more minimalist and faithful to a brand's aesthetics, but personal postcards are more liberating. When you get the idea in your head, start taking down notes. 

2. Prepare Everything You Need; Make a Draft for Your Postcard

Before diving into the actual postcard, prepare everything you need. A checklist will always be helpful in every project. Then, make a draft for the postcard. If you are making a postcard for your own, create the postcard according to our preference. Or if your task to make a creative postcard is for a business, make it relative to the brand. And portray its aesthetics to the layout, design, and format. Don't forget to make room for the letter, usually in the back part. 

3. Open Microsoft Office Word on Your Device 

Launch MS Word on your device. The easiest way to make your basic postcard will be using a personal computer, smartphones, or other devices is also agreeable. Work on the device in which you are the most comfortable. The goal is to provide the easiest way to do your postcard. Click on the icon and wait for the application to load entirely. Make sure to start with a new document. 

4. Download a Postcard Template and Start Working on It

Microsoft Office Word has default templates that you can use. However, you can use a more personalized template. Look for a reliable template on the internet. Choose a sample postcard template that works best with your postcard. The advantage of using a template is it will give you a head start.

Moreover, a template has a suggestive content which you can customize. Start filling in your template. Go back to your draft; it will be your guide as you complete the postcard.

5. Finalize the Postcard; Make Everything Fit Right In 

Lastly, do the finishing touches and make a run through. Proofread your printable postcard. Look for misspelled words and incorrect information. Make changes if necessary. Save the file and print a copy if needed.