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Medical certificates are important in business, especially when it comes to companies who have had employees take leave for several days due to sickness. It is important that they rejoin their colleagues upon their submission of Medical Certificates to ensure that they are fit to return to work, and that they will not spread illness among the rest of the staff.

However, it is important for clinics to have their own form of medical certificates that will ensure its authenticity, in order to avoid fraudulent employee behavior. It is easy to check the authenticity of a medical certificate if the Human Resource employee knows what to look for.

For doctors and medical professionals looking to create their own medical certificate template, there are some things to remember to include in each certificate, including the letterhead showing the complete name of the doctor and his qualifications, as well as the address of the clinic or practice.

In the body, it is important to take note of the date, time, and place of issue of the certificate, as well as a true, clear, and unambiguous, clearly worded statement regarding the specific purpose of the certificate, limited at a time when a person is actually under observation of the practicing physician. Medical certificates, however, need not disclose the diagnosis of a patient unless given express consent or if required by law.

Medical certificates, however, must be written only for legitimate purposes, and only when necessary. Remember that these medical records can be served as evidence in the court of law, and issuing such without a clear purpose is treated the same as giving false evidence in court. Willful and reckless issuance of this document can be considered as professional misconduct in some states, and is punishable by revoking one’s license, or striking the offending physician’s name off the Medical Registry.

In the interest of creating a medical certificate template for your own patients and practice, this website has made available ready-made and customizable templates with creative designs that make it fit for use in professional and business settings. Each beautiful, editable template comes with premium designs and images that are easily downloadable for use. Simply pick one of the many examples that will serve as a best fit for your practice, edit as you find necessary, then print to create your own, uniform medical certificate that you can use to serve your patients in the future.