In the interest of creating a medical certificate template for medical practitioners, we've designed these ready-made Medical Certificate Templates to help users avoid the hassle of making one from scratch. Freely choose from a multitude of Printable Medical Certificate designs for any purpose. These are all downloadable and 100% customizable in Adobe Photoshop. The files can be downloaded on any device such as your computer or your phone. What are you waiting for? Grab one now!

How To Create A Medical Certificate In Photoshop

A medical certificate, also known as a doctor's certificate, is a written document issued by doctors or professionals in the field of medicine. It serves as proof whether the individual is physically fit to work or sick based on the results of the patient's medical examination. This document can also be used to excuse a person with an illness not to report for school or work. Hospitals and clinics need to have their own medical certificates that will ensure authenticity to avoid fake medical certificates by fraudulent individuals. To do so, we give you tips on making a valid medical certificate.

1. Choose A Design Program

You may prefer a medical certificate with a modern and minimalist design rather than a plain and simple one. To do so, you need to choose a design program for that. There are numerous design programs online; however, Adobe Photoshop is the most popular and widely used program. It not only allows you to customize images, but enables you to create personalized documents.

2. Pick A Certificate Layout

Choose a particular layout for your certificate format. Hospitals and clinics have their format when making a medical certificate. If your hospital or clinic does not have any, you can make your own by downloading any of our ready-made, printable medical certificate templates that you can readily customize with ease. Pick a perfect layout design that will present the contents of your certificate in an organized and readable manner.

3. Note The Letterhead

For doctors, dentists, physicians, and any medical professional, there are some elements that you need to include in your medical certificate. One of the important elements is the letterhead. You can find letterheads in any document, such as membership certificates and achievement certificates. The letterhead needs to show the complete name of the doctor, his qualifications, the name of the hospital or clinic, and the address of the clinic.

4. Write All Necessary Information

Before writing the information, you need to identify what kind of medical certificate you are making. Is it a sick leave medical certificate, or Is it for a medical fitness certificate? In the body, only facts or subjective observations made by the doctor should be included in a medical certificate, and each of these documented findings should be justified. The certificate should indicate the date of the consultation appointment, the severity of the illness, the number of days the patient is permitted to rest, and the date the patient is allowed to report to work or school. Medical certificates need not disclose the diagnosis of the patient unless consent is given. The medical certificate should be written for legitimate purposes and in legible text and without any medical jargon or abbreviations.

5. Leave A Signature Block

There will always be cases of fake medical certificates to excuse individuals. A way to verify these medical certificates is through the signatures of the physicians. Just below the document, you can leave a signature block for you to affix your signature. Be sure that your medical records are issued with a clear and legitimate purpose. Reckless issuance of this document may be regarded as professional misconduct and punishable by revoking one's license.

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