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What Is a Medical Certificate?

A medical certificate, or doctor's certificate, is a written medical statement, document, or report from a board-certified physician or another healthcare provider that attests the eligibility of the medical examination done to assess the patient's condition. The medical certificate may act as a form of a "sick note" that will be given to the employer or teacher and discuss why a certain student or employee was not able to attend for the day or finish a certain job given to him or her.

All employers require a medical certificate accompanied by a written letter when an employee is absent so they can keep track of their presence and absence in the company. However, this medical document is mostly abused by some employees to avoid any legal punishment that they must face. Listed below are tips and steps on how to create the legal document.

How to Create a Medical Certificate in Word

1. The Situation of the Medical Certificate

If you are an employee, it would be very unprofessional if you sent a school-intended medical certificate to a company or if you sent out a maternity certificate despite being absent merely for having a fever. The company might think you are just playing around and pretending to be sick. Your primary task is to know what establishment you will send the medical certificate to and what type of medical document you will use for a certain medical scenario. Are you sending it to a school, a company, a hospital, or a seminary? Are you having a fever, pregnancy-related situations, etc.? Are you a person with a disability? You must know the situation at hand and who will you send it to, so you can avoid a blow to your credibility as an effective and professional employee.

2. Use Serif and Some Sans-Serif Fonts

Before you start writing down the patient's medical condition and the doctor's credentials, you must know what type of font is highly recommended for this type of medical presentation. The highly recommended fonts for technical, financial, and medical documents are font styles that are sharp, rough, and readable. Fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, and Verdana are common examples of widely-used fonts in online or printed formal documents. Most of these fonts, especially the serif fonts, help guide the reader's eye along the provided line. The doctor's handwriting is already hard to read, don't make the fonts unreadable as well.

3. Details of the Hospital or Clinic

You need to write down the details and credentials of the clinic or hospital that will use your medical diploma form so the intended receiver or the company will know if the medical checkup or certificate is valid or not. Place the hospital or clinic name and logo, the address, email, and contact numbers needed for further inquiry on certain health terminologies and conditions.

4. The Doctor's Credentials

Aside from the hospital's credentials, you must also include the necessary information regarding the healthcare provider or physician that conducted the medical checkup or examination. You must register the doctor's full name, with an area of expertise underneath it. Give enough space for the resident doctor to stamp or sign the medical report or certificate as confirmation that the checkup is done legally.

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