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How to Write a Medical School Letter?

A medical school letter is a letter that students write to express their intent to study at a particular medical university. The 2018 Medical School Enrollment Survey said that 21,622 students enrolled in medical schools for the school year 2018-2019. Not all who apply for med school become blessed with an acceptance letter. So if you want to pursue your studies in the field of medicine, you need to write a formal letter to convince a medical school that you are deserving of attaining an education from them. While writing one may not be easy, we have a few tips below for you to follow.

1. Introduce Yourself

State your name and give a little background about you. Include the reason why you chose the school in your pursuit to study medicine. Thank the recipient for putting you on the waitlist. Make them know that you'd accept their offer to study in their institution if granted.

2. Explain Your Choice

The second paragraph should back up your choice. You can reveal your connection to a doctor working in their institution or how their mission aligns with your values. What you write here is up to you, as long as you get the acceptance that you need.

3. State What You Do

This part should further support your university choice. You can update the recipient with what you're currently doing. State some notable achievements in your undergraduate program. You can include volunteer work.

4. Wrap Up

End your sample letter by providing your contact information. Remember to include your time of availability for the higher-ups of the institution to contact you.

5. One More Tip

Keep the tone of your writing professional and formal. Your letter could end up in your admission or rejection if you fail to check beyond its format.

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