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What is a Medical ID Card?

A medical personnel identification card is a card issued to hospital employees—doctors, nurses, hospital security, medical practitioners, and etc. The identification card is extremely important in hospitals because it is used by the authorities in security and safety plans. Apart from that, having a medical identification card will help the patients to easily identify medical personnel.

How to Create a Medical Personnel Identification Card

According to AlphaCard, having visible and modern ID cards can help make the operations more efficient as well as help security personnel to easily filter out unauthorized visitors. Security and identification can quickly become a concern in hospitals with hundreds of doctors, nurses, patients, staff, and visitors walking and standing in the hallway. Here are some guidelines that you can use in creating a medical personnel identification card.

1. Determine the Size and the Orientation

Before you head start with designing the identification card of the medical staff, you have to ask first the human resource about the card's orientation and its layout size, so all cards will be uniformed. There are three common card sizes namely: credit card size, data collection size, and government size. Credit card size has a 54 mm x 86 mm dimension and is commonly used in bank and ATM cards, credit cards, drivers' licenses, and student IDs. Meanwhile, data collection size has a 59 mm x 83 mm dimension and is mostly used in identification cards, bar code payment cards, and magnetic stripe cards. Moreover, the government size has a 99 mm x 67 mm dimension and is used in government agency IDs, law enforcement IDs, and local government IDs.

2. Use our Premium ID Card Template

There's no need to start from scratch because you can download and use our premium medical card templates to fully achieve a professional and an attractive identification card for all hospital employees. Using our templates will save you time because all you have to do is to replace essential details. Grab a copy now and try it! We guarantee that you will never regret using our pro templates.

3. Customize Card Features

After you're done doing the layout, you are now going to customize professional identification cards. Would you expect that the employees would wear an ID card all the time if it is poorly designed? Yes, they will wear it upon entering the hospital but there is a huge chance that they will take it off. As the designer, you have to make sure that your final output would be a well-designed card because it is more likely to be worn than the poorly designed one. Medical identification cards are an extension of the hospital's name and image, so make sure that you won't forget to insert the hospital name and the logo. Most importantly, do not forget to put the cardholder's photo and name, together with his or her ID number.

4. Include Terms and Conditions

Identification cards should have terms and conditions at its back portion, however, some service IDs don't have one. It depends on human resources though. Putting the terms and conditions is significant because it will remind the proprietor about the card's scope and limitations.

5. Print and Laminate

Before you print the healthcare identification cards of your employees, make sure that you have proofread it. Check if there were errors such as misspelled names and words because you are dealing with the identity of the employees. After you are sure that there were no errors, that is the right time to have it printed and laminated.

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