Medical Leave Letter Templates

Absence from Work or School Due to Health Issues Is Valid, but Not If You Can't Present a Sick Leave Letter with Doctor's Signature. Make Sure to Download Our Free Medical Leave Letter Templates on We Designed These for College Students and Employees Working in Offices, Factories, and Other Types of Workplaces. Grab One Today!See more

Human as we are, our bodies fail us sometimes that we need to take some rest. After having a consultation from the doctor, we need to excuse ourselves from school or office work by writing a medical leave letter. A medical leave letter is an explanation of why your absence and why need to go on sick leave. Whether you are a teacher, a student, a company employee, or even a health worker, you'll need to provide this letter, especially if you don't want to end up with an unpaid leave. So if you need to make one, leave the stress and hassle behind, and use our ready made medical leave letter templates instead. You'll surely find the exact letter that you need. 

We have medical letter templates from the doctor, a template for school or for college, a template for employees or for the office, and a template that will help you explain why you need to go on family and medical leave. These templates are well-researched by our team of professional writers making sure that they not only use the correct letter format, but also discuss the applicable details or explanation to your absence. And the templates are editable so feel free to edit or change the details if you must so that it would be suitable for your needs. Printing is also made breeze and we guarantee that it's totally hassle free! This way you'll have more time for resting than writing. 

You can sue the templates now or keep a copy in case you'll need it in the future. Download now!


  • Why are medical leave letters important?

      Medical leave letters provide a valid reason for an employee to temporarily stop working due to health concerns. 

  • Do doctors write medical leave letters?

      Yes, doctors write medical leave letters for their patients. It is signed by the primary surgeon of the hospital where the patient was admitted. 

  • Must there be a letterhead for medical leave letters?

      Letterheads on medical leave letters are only necessary when the doctor writes it.