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How To Create A Blank Chart In Apple Pages?

A chart with an existing structure but without any data or information is what you call a blank chart. A blank chart is a chart that's made for future uses, either for personal uses or business-related uses. It's mostly used as a presentation tool, a personal task checklist, a data analysis comparison, and many more. Moving forward, we have collected a few steps that you can apply when creating a blank chart for whatever future purpose.

1. Choose Apple Pages As Your Chart Creator

You can choose any software of your preference to be used as your chart creator, such as Apple Numbers and MS Word. However, you should consider choosing Apple Pages. First of all, if you have a Mac PC, Apple Pages is instantly available for you. It also has the features and tools you might need to formulate your chart according to your unique preference.

2. Structure The Chart Based On Its Future Use

You must first determine the future use of your blank chart before you begin structuring it. Once you do, you'll have a concrete idea on how it should appear; thus, it can cater to the future use you wish it'll serve. For example, if the future use of your blank chart is a data comparison, then you should form it into a bar chart, a pie chart, or a line chart. But, if its future use is a chore checklist, you can structure it into a table chart or a chore chart.

3. Review Possible Needed Previous Data And Documents

For more specific ideas on how you're going to structure your blank chart, review some of your previous data and documents. This step is only likely applicable for blank charts with a business-related purpose. What you'll likely need are your previous weekly reports, daily reports, monthly reports, and financial reports.

4. Apply Slight Creativity

There are some situations wherein a chart is considered as a presentation material. The most common type of chart that's used as a presentation material is an organizational chart. It showcases an organization's or company's hierarchal chain of command. A chart such as that is presented in front of many people. For that reason, you can apply some of your creativity to make it look more presentable.

5. Download Any Of Our Chart Templates

In case you don't have enough time to create a blank chart using nothing but your creativeness, you can use any of our reliable chart templates. There are hundreds of them here in Most of them are compatible with MS Word, MS Excel, Apple Numbers, Microsoft Publisher, Google Docs, Google Sheets, PDF, and Adobe Illustrator. If you use our chart templates, you'll have the chart you need in no time. We have organizational chart templates, flow chart templates, timeline chart templates, seating chart templates, comparison chart templates, and so much more.

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