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How to Write a College Recommendation Letter?

A college recommendation letter is a product that endorses a student or college application for admission to a college or university. It contains statements that detail how a particular student can be successful in their chosen school. The college admission season is a competitive time for students. Recommendation letters can give them a leg up over their competition as they set their sights on their dream schools. Fortunately, you can help them out by writing a letter that can convince schools to turn the tides in favor of students. Start in the right direction through these simple tips.

1. Know Your Student

If you’re going to write a college recommendation letter, know the applicant on a personal level first before you write it. You don’t have to become his or her best friend. Still, you should get close enough to feel comfortable about writing a recommendation. This tip allows you to insert enough personal narratives in your document.

2. Start with an Appropriate Salutation

Friendly reminder: this is a formal letter. Begin with salutations like, “To Whom It May Concern,” to set a professional tone throughout your recommendation. You can also use “Dear Admissions Representative,” as an opener.

3. Make Your Introductions Count

Your first paragraph introduces the student you’re writing about. Write an introduction that leaves a lasting impression. Since your reader sifts through numerous letters per day, make sure that yours packs a punch from the jump.

4. Focus on Character

The body of your letter shouldn’t be about a student’s achievements. This isn’t a resume. Readers won’t say this out loud, but most of them silently request letter senders to discuss how they think the student will adjust to their accepted schools. Use your student’s character to answer their silent questions.

5. Be Sincere

Your recommendation should come from a genuine place. College admissions officers can tell if you’re phoning your letter in. Remember, the student is counting on you.

6. Close Gracefully

Wrap up your letter in an appropriate fashion. Add proper closing salutations and encourage your sender to contact you. You can insert your school or university and title after your printed name so they’ll know who to reach out to.

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