When applying for a job, whether as a teacher, waitress, manager, or executive, it is a must that you use a convincing cover letter during the job application. It is not easy writing one, especially if you have to start from scratch. However, you can write a cover letter in a snap with our Resume Cover Letter Templates! These contain original content that you can fully customize. You can get the templates in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Apple Pages formats. There's no need to exert too much effort that may end up with excessive written content. Nail that job interview by downloading our templates now! 

What Is a Resume Cover Letter?

A resume cover letter is a document that one attaches along with your resume. While the resume puts your job experiences and education in detail, the cover letter serves as your introduction to the company. It also draws the reader's attention to your resume.

How to Write a Resume Cover Letter?

In 2019, the US Labor Department recorded a total of 6.6 million job openings, according to the website, Jobbatical. From a vast number of job applicants for these vacant positions, companies have to choose the applicant that can potentially benefit them the most.

As an applicant, you need to write a resume cover letter that can win over recruiters. If you need some tips in creating one, read our list below.

1. Have a Proper Introduction

Whether it's an entry-level job or a higher position, a good introduction will never fail you. State your name, current job position, company, and some details regarding your educational background. Keep a professional tone in your simple letter from this part, onwards.

2. Elaborate Past Experiences

Now, it's time to tell your story regarding who you are as an employee. Write about your past job experiences in a simple yet concise manner. Remember to describe your skills without sounding condescending. You can also include your achievements and awards that you've garnered in your previous workplace.

3. Explain Why You're the Perfect Fit

Convince the recipient of your letter that you are the ideal candidate by detailing the reasons why they must hire you. A brief explanation of your work ethics is an excellent tactic to go to the next level of the application process.

4. Wrap It Up

Prompt a call to action on your letter by putting your contact information in the last paragraph. Keep a positive tone and encourage them to contact you. Even if it's a nursing or customer service job, you need to present yourself well in writing.

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