College graduation is the grand finale of your life as a student unless you decide to achieve a master's degree. With that said, it's a paramount cause for celebration. If you're organizing a party in celebration for your achievements, then it makes sense that you should create invitations. If you don't know where to start, we have ready-made College Invitation Templates to give you a head start. Each of these simple yet elegant templates is fully functional, 100% customizable, and easily editable. Additionally, these templates can be downloaded and edited in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Apple Pages, Adobe PSD, or Adobe Illustrator. Make your party memorable with the help of our templates. Download one now!     

What is a College Invitation?

A college invitation is a specific type of printable invitation. A college invitation can mean two different things. First, it can be an invitation sent by a university to invite fresh high school graduates to enroll in their institution. Second, it can also be an invitation sent by a college graduate to invite people to their graduation party.

How to Create a College Invitation

In an article from, there are a lot of party ideas for a college graduation party, and these include having graduation photo wreaths, diploma certificate pirouettes, personalized graduation cake toppers, etc. With all the countless ideas you can think of for your graduation party, be sure not to overlook its preparation. With our help, you can create stunning and informative invitations for all your college events. Refer to our simple guide below to find out how.

1. Emphasize the Party's Time, Date, and Venue

The primary function of an event invitation is to provide guests with information about when and where the party will be held. Based on that fact, you should make sure that the date, time, and venue of your college party are emphasized. Also, depending on the theme of the party, you should follow the correct etiquette when writing these details.

2. Establish a Title for Your Party

Just like any invitation card, your college invitation must fittingly display the title of your graduation party. You have absolute freedom in choosing a title. It can be as simple as stating your name followed by the words "Graduation Party," or it can be something catchier and more creative. Utilize artistic font styles for the title and make sure to enlarge the font size to make it stand out from the rest of the content.

3. Attach a Portrait Photo

Although not entirely necessary, attaching a portrait photograph of the graduate will add value and aesthetic quality to simple invitations. It's a fitting notion to display a visual representation of the person being honored at the party. While it's acceptable to use any portrait photo, we advise that an official graduation picture be used if available. Also, make sure to use a high-resolution photo to keep the quality of the elements consistent.

4. Set a Graduation Theme Design

Any formal invitation without a visual theme looks dull and uninviting, which could be a means for it not living up to its purpose. Since your invitation is intended to draw guests to your graduation party, its design should have a matching theme. You can include photos or illustrations of graduation hats, rolled diplomas, award medals, and many more. While we encourage you to use your creativity, we advise that you use them properly to prevent cluttering the layout.

5. Engage Your Invited Guests

Indicating the time, date, and venue of your graduation party does not complete the essence of the invitation form. You must also engage your invited guests. To do that, include messages that will entice them to attend your party. "You're Cordially Invited," "See You There," "Come Join Us," and "Celebrate with Us" are some of the best examples. After completing and printing copies of the invitation, encase each of them inside an elegant envelope before sending them to the recipients.

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